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Relation Ship Between Guru and Disciple

     Relation Ship Between Guru and Disciple

As such, man, with the help of this understanding, has to inform and mould his every thought, word and deed with the urge to realize this wisdom. That is, understanding moulds thought, word and deed.


[caption id="attachment_975" align="alignleft" width="300"]Vyagreswara and Guru                Guru and Disciple                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     [/caption]

Cultured thoughts, word and deeds actualize his understanding and thereby perfect it. Thus, in the form of a chain reaction, man enters the real relentless stream of divine creation towards self-harmonization and perfection, freeing himself from the cocoon of petty selfish drives or needs that are projected as natural and legitimate by his limited, clouded view of creation. The latter is a blurred distorted image obtained through the sense medium of his wrong understanding, or more correctly, no-understanding. When one realizes this harmonization with the rest of creation, the basic disharmony with himself implied by his former concept of the discreteness,distinctness of his own self, 'other' selves and things is dissolved. And he realizes the unity that is the essence of the seeming diversity of forms. Such a one percieves the misery of others as remnants of disharmony of his own self and strives to resolve it while, from the strength of his own perfection, he knows that there are in fact no others to be saved from misery.

Guru and Shishya

             " Such a one is called the Guru", the Teacher that can make all our life's struggle for lasting contenment and bliss, worth the game. Without him, the immense creation and one's own disharmonious life together seems an ocean of misery of phenomenal existence. With his help, it is an ocean of the bliss of Self-Realization. Anyone who knows or intuites this is bound to love the Guru. His heart's strenght with which he had hitherto loved wealth, his life, wife and all else separately, is now put together in adoration of the Master.

[caption id="attachment_977" align="alignright" width="216"]Guru and Shisya                Guru and Shishya[/caption]

    A  sadguru accepts services from his disciple, and through the medium of those services he takes the sinful acts of his disciple and bestows fruits of his penance to the disciple.

Some Gurus who boast themselves as wisemen endowed with self-knowledge, generally, while imparting brahmajnaana to their disciples, shower them with plethora of praises with an eye on milking money from them. The disciple also conducts himself with haughtiness, pro-claiming that he was praised by that particular guru. This sort of gurus and Sishyas are both blame worthy.


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Relation Ship Between Guru and Disciple
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