Who is Sripada Srivallabha Swamy?

Who is Sripada Srivallabha Swamy?

Paramaatma is in the form of Trinity Brahma, Vishnu and Parameswara. The Trinity protects,punishes, or teaches all creatures of the Universe.All things happen on account of Them.In Kruta Yuga the Trinity who were elated with the devotion of Atri, Anasuya incarnated in their house as Sree Dattatreya Swamy-an embodiment of the Trinity.His incarnation is that of a Guru.

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His aim of this incarnation is to remove ignorance and grant liberation through the attainment of wisdom(Jnana). The path of ‘avadhootas’ is founded only by Him. Devotion of such Dattatreya is going on from Krutayuga from Sethu in the South to Himalayas in the North.Countless devotees from that day till today worshipped Dattatreya and were successful in gaining their wishes. When Datta is worshipped an equivalent result is achieved of worshipping Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara at the same time. Datta is ‘Smarthrugami‘. It means that when remembered with devotion. He will be satisfied and supports and protects devotees in all ways. He grants sustenance and salvation.

Sripada Srivallabha Birth Secrets:

In Treta yuga sage Bharadwaja invited Parvati, Parameswara and performed  Yagna called Savitrukataka chayanam.As a result of this supreme consciousness took the form of Sripada Srivallabha swamy in Pithapuram. Om 1320 A.D in Sri Peethikapura in East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh Sri Dattatreya Swamy was born as the first Datta incarnation under the divine name of Sripada Srivallabha Swamy to the couple  Sri Appala Raju Sarma and Sumati Maha Rani, they were Datta devotees and belonged to Apastamba sect.As man's journey towards god is inevetable, God also comes down limiting all his cosmic power is called incarnation (Avatarana). This is an act of yoga and a continuous process. When once truth is established in the creation it continues to work naturally and effortlessly. Sripada Swamy is the embodiment of truth, wisdom and eternal, descended to establish so many such devine truths in this age. There is no effect without cause.For all causes and all actions truth alone is the basics. It is beyond all and it is the divine priniciple. Sri Dattatreya with his full powers incarnated as sripada srivallabha in Peetikapuram, it is impossible to discribe him even to the thousand headed Adi seshu.

The Supreme self come down in human form to lead the man kind from darkness of ignorance to the light of  wisdom, and to make them progress in spiritual life. God is root of everything. He is like a Banayan tree. All his Amsa Avataras are but the Prop roots. Though appear to be firmily fixed in the ground and self supporting, actually dependent to the Banayan tree. Like wise all the Dieties,Demons and all the life force solely depend on him. All take shetter under his divine umbrella. All the energy comes out of him and all merge back in him.



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Who is Sripada Srivallabha Swamy?
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