Sripada srivallabha charitamrutam chapter- 4 video in Telugu

           sripada srivallabha charitamrutam chapter  - 4

sripada srivallabha charitamrutam

This is about sripada swamy divine biography in this chapter sankar batt who is the great devotee of sripada write about vasavi mata darshanam in kurvapuram and story of vasavi matha birth secrets    The grace of sripada swamy on sivasharma.

                 Sreepada Raajam Saranam Prapadyae

    Sri pada Sreevallabha Charitaamrutam       Chapter- 4

                        Shankar Bhatt had vision of Vaasavaambika in Kuruvapuram We three wanted to do meditation in accordance with the instructions ofPalaniswamy. SriPalaniswamy said, “My Child! Madhavaa! My Boy! Shankaraa!

Let all the three of us meditate. Let us discuss about our spiritual experiencesfelt during meditation. As this is the command of Sreevallabha someextraordinary spiritual development will be invariably experienced by us infuture. English era will be in use in future. According to English era today is 25-05-1336.Today is Friday. This day is a very auspicious day having comprehensive yogic potential.This day has a special significance in our lives. I will leave my physical body here and go to Kuruvapuram in my subtle body. It is a child’s play for me to roam in four or five places at the same time in my subtle form. We will all remain in the meditation of SreepadaSreevallabha. When His permission is granted I will reach Kuruvapuram in my subtle body

                  The way for accessibility of Swamy’s grace

 On hearing the words of Palaniswamy I wondered and said, ”Swamee!  Madhava sawthe divine auspicious form of Sreevallabha. You are always in communion with Sreevallabhain subtle planes but, I know only His name but, not His form! How can I meditate upon Him?” Palaniswamy smiled and said, “My boy! If you have devotion for Sreepada everythingis achieved. A tortoise protects its offspring with thought waves even if they are left at avery far away place. A cat carries its kitten from one house to another keeping them in itsmouth. It will keep them in a place which is considered by it as safe. In the same way at

first Sreepada treats his devotees in ‘Kurma –Kishore nyaaya’. After some progress thedevotees are treated in ‘Maarjaala –Kishore nyaaya’. Then the devotees are trained in ‘Markata –Kishore nyaaya’. In ‘Markata –

 Kishora nyaaya’ the child of the monkey has to attach itself assiduously to its mother. After further progress devotees will conductthemselves as small fish freely swimming with their mother. When you sit for meditation,He will give darshan  to you. Sreevallabha wanted to take an important decision for thefuture. So He wanted me to go over to Kuruvapuram in my subtle body on this momentousday. As soon as I receive His orders during meditation I will at once proceed toKuruvapuram. There some important incident is going to take place. Lord Sree Datta has

granted me the unique opportunity of witnessing that event completely with my eyes.”

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Sripada srivallabha charitamrutam chapter- 4 video in Telugu
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