sripada srivallabha
sripada srivallabha swamy

The preachings of Sreepada to Narasaavadhaani.

For the Questions of Narasaavadhaani Sree Sreepada Sreevallabha replied with His preachings.


 Who are you?:

Are you God? An yaksha (celestial person)? 

A magician?


I am My-Self! I am I! I am the primordial power that is inborn in every atomin this creation made of five elements! From animals and birds upto the entirecountless living creatures I also reside in them in their maternal and paternalforms! I am the preceptor of this total creation!

Question: Then are you an incarnation of Lord Datta?

Reply: Undoubtedly I am Datta! As you are having body I also come with abody to enable you to recognise Me. In fact I am formless,attributeless.

Question: Then you have no form or attributes. Is it not?

Reply: To have no form is also a form! To have no qualities is also a quality! I am thebase for form and no form; for attributes and non attributes and I am beyondthem also!

Question: If you are everything why weal and woes to living beings

Reply: Myself and Yourself are within you. Nevertheless ‘your self’ residing within you is  jeeva

and ‘Myself’ residing in you is ParamaatmaAs long as you entertain the notion of doership you cannot become Me. Till then youcannot come out of pairs of opposites like happiness and misery, sin and virtue.When the ‘you’ in yourself diminish and ‘I’ in you ascend higher then only you come closer to Me. As you come closer and closer to

Me your responsibility decreases. When you are under My care youobtain happiness and well being.

Question: Some people say that Jeevaatma and Paramaatma are different. Others are saying that Jeevaatma is very close to Paramaatma. Some others maintainthat Jeeva is God. Which of them is correct?


There is no loss if both of us remain separate. Beneficial fortune would accruewhen your arrogance is annihilated and both of us remain in a state ofduality. You remain in a state of bliss, provided you realise that everything isearned on account of My grace and that you are only an instrumentalphenomenon. Liquidation of

moha is liberation. Therefore, you can attainsalvation even in a dual state.

                             When you are in a very close proximity to Me Iwill be revealing through you. When all My powers are revealed through you;when your arrogance is destroyed; the ignorant infatuation in you decreases.In this superior non-dualistic state you achieve bliss. This is also liberationbecause it is devoid of infatuation. When your egotism is totally erased, andyour presumption of doership is completely burnt down, the ‘I’ in you fadesout and only ‘Me’ remains in you. So you will attain brahmaananda (profoundbliss which cannot be comprehended by mind by any means). Therefore, youcan achieve liberation even in if you are in a non-dualistic state.

                          The state of brahmaananda is all the same whether you are in a dualistic, non-dualistic, ordistinguished dualistic stage of spiritual progress! It cannot be captured bymind or word. It is only a matter of experience.

Question: Some people who attained the position of avadhootas call themselves thesupreme brahmam. Then are You an Avadhoota?


No. I am not an Avadhoota. I am the Superior Brahmam. An Avadhoota experiences that everything is brahmam, but I am Brahmam and My positionis that I am everything.

Question: do not understand the secret in this small difference

Reply: Avadhoota  who is freed from all worldly bonds merges in Me and experiencesthe state of supreme bliss. He has no individuality and when there is noindividuality there is no will or resolve. I am in the great resolve for thiscreation, and I am also in the supreme power. I am in the shape of power ofillusion called living creatures. If I order an


 who merged in Me totake birth again he should obey it! Mine is a form of truth, knowledge andbliss coupled with will power. Their form of truth, knowledge and bliss isdevoid of will power.


Fried up seeds won’t sprout! Is it not? After attaining the knowledge of brahman himself, how is it possible to be born again?


It is of nature’s principle that fried seed would not sprout. However, the power and strength of the creator lies in sprouting up fried seeds. In fact Myincarnation in the past took place to prove truth through these theories andcounter-theories.

Question: Lord Dattaa! Sreepadaa! Kindly explain.


My father who crossed all trios like past future and present; three states of existence; creation, continuance and liquidation; became famous as ‘Sage Atri’. My mother became well known as ‘Anasuya’ because she was not having the slightest envy or hatred towards any creature or any matter. Sage Atriundertook a severe penance to visualise the  paramjyoti (a sacred flame)which is the support for the Trinity and also beyond it. Mother Anasuya alsodid penance praying to that paramjyoti  to look at each living being andmaterial with ambrosial glances and shower grace on them. Living beingsexperience weal and woe according to the  principles of karma.

Therefore,Mother Anasuya used to pray with a good intention that the results of greatsins should affect people slightly and the results of small virtuous acts should give bountiful results. Mother had transformed strong metal pieces in theshape of chick peas into live eatable chick peas by virtue of her spiritualpower acquired through penance. Metal is the consciousness in completedormant state. Trees and tree related substances are consciousness in apartial state. Animals belong to a state of complete consciousness. Theevolution of man takes place in the following manner.

At first born as metaland then dies; afterwards takes birth as trees and creepers; thentakes birth as animals; and finally emerges as a human being. Such ahuman being should cultivate discrimination, wisdom and detachmentand awaken the divine power dormant in him and strive to achieveliberation.

 Mother had proved that the properties of evolutionary process canbe changed with the grace of Almighty. The consciousness in the form of ‘Trinity’ was in an awakened state. Therefore, she changed it into a dormant

state and transformed the three God-Heads into small babies. Powers of thethree Mothers (Lakshmi, Parvati and Saraswati) combined and themanifestation of Anagha Devi took place.

                                      I was born as Dattatreya and married Anagha Devi. In the incarnation of Sreepada Sreevallabha I was born with Anagha Devi on my left side and Dattatreya on my right side. This is aform of Lord Shiva combining half masculine and half feminine features. You must understand that the Lord who created this magnificent creation according to His free Will also has the strength and power to alter theprinciples of creation when needed.

Question: Sreepadaa! You are capable of changing the principles and nature of creation.

Can’t You remove my poverty? 


Certainly, I can remove but, I am postponing to the next birth; that too afteryou suffer from penury for some time! Thotakura is a small thing but howmuch attachment you developed for it? My mother, father or grandfathernever begged anyone for anything. How much food a small boy like me willconsume? You should have given thotakura when I liked it. Now that timeelapsed. This life time is not sufficient to purge the impurities in your mind.

Each individual would be endowed with life span, wealth, beauty andfame commensurate with his accumulated credit of punya. The fruitsof sin would result in short life-span, poverty, ugliness and infamy. I have enhanced the duration of your life by extracting a major portion of your  accumulated punya. The credit on account of your

 punya was largely spentand the sinful portion remained in a large measure. You should sufferpoverty. Even then because you have adored Self-existent Datta I amgranting you two-square meals a day. You will not get troubled in spite ofyour poverty.

Question: Sreepadaa! Scriptures enjoin that we should follow caste system. Yourgrandfather decided that vysyas can have investiture of holy thread undervedic system. Is it not wrong?


Your tongue should be slit as you are finding fault with the decision of that

 ‘Satya Rusheeswara’. Whom do you think is our grand-father? He is actuallyBhaskaraacharya. The couple Vishnu Datta and Suseela were very sacredpersons who did not know what was selfishness. I instructed the deities of time and action to make Them My Parents.The ancestors of NarasimhaVarma were great devotees of Sree Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy. They were pious people who organised large scale food feeding during the sacrifices and rituals in Simhachalam. Even before I was born in Pithikapuram I was planning in a systematic way. My relationship of indebtedness for those three.families will not be redeemed in one life. It will not end in one incarnation. Myauspicious bestowing boons would be extended to them for manygenerations. They live without any worry under the shade of My divinecanopy.

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