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                                   Datta | sripada srivallabha charitamrutam chapter - 8

    Food becomes mind. By saatwic food purity of mind takes place

Brahma created life at first. Life is the totality of life in the universe. This is calledsubtle soul, and Hiranyagarbha. The Creator also has the name Hiranyagarbha. The urge ordrive for creation in the physical, mental and intellectual facets of man is named praana (lifeforce). The praanamaya kosa body is called shakti sarira (body of strength). The physicaltroubles can be removed by correcting the life consciousness.

              The praanamaya sarira becomes diseases prior to the onset of disease in humans. The gross body becomes ill onlyafterwards. After the urge for creation gets confident, the five elements are formed. Toperceive the attributes of the five elements the five organs are created. The mind is formed to coordinate these organs and to oversee that all functions take place at the same time.Human beings should observe adequate precautions in the matter of food. Mind is formed out of the infinitesimal components of food. If mind is strengthened by food thoughts abound. When this stream of thoughts is regulated and controlled, such reflection of the thoughts’ flow is termed as mantra.

           When sacrifices and other rituals are conducted as ordained by scriptures, and when mantras are chanted systematically, such process is called karma. The construction of the world was done according to karmas. World cannot existwithout name and form. In this way the shackle with links of profound misery is formed withsixteen colours.

In human anatomy each organ is influenced by a particular deity.When the soul reveals to the yogi in deep meditation the sixteen potencies mergein their respective elements.

The powers in the physical organs of the yogi get mixed inthe elements in the innermost recess of the Universe. Human beings with organs of action,and organs of knowledge cannot remain without action.

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Datta | sripada srivallabha charitamrutam free down load
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Datta | sripada srivallabha charitamrutam free down load - Guru-power
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Datta | sripada srivallabha charitamrutam free down load - Guru-power
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