Datta | sripada srivallabha charitamrutam description of worlds

                According to Sripada srivallabha Charitamrutam,

                          The description of several worlds

                                                  There are 88 thousand sages in heaven, who are householders. They have the nature of     transmigration of souls. They stand as seedsfor propagating dharma again. From the undefinable power of the universal soul a small fragment took the shape of Brahma for creation of the universe.

                                          Water which came out gradually from Paramaatma  spread out everywhere.From the vigour of the super soul many crores of golden eggs were formed.This Brahmaandam (Universe) in which we are living is one among them.

                                        When the inside of the egg was filled with gloom the brilliance of ‘Parameswara’ was personified and became famous under the name ‘Aniruddha.As He illuminated the egg with its magnificent lustre He wastermed as ‘Hiranyagarbha’, ‘Surya’, ‘Savita’ and ‘Paramjyothi’ and many other the brilliance. Sage Bharadwaja conducted the sacrifice of Saavitrakaathaka Chayanam during tretaa yuga in Pithikapuram.Saavitrakaathaka Chayanam was addressed to the great splendour of  Dattatreya that enveloped many crores of universes.

Brhma ,Vishnu , MaheswaraResidential places :

In Satya Loka there is an important place called ‘Niraamaya Sthan’. In three tier steps, deities of  mans called ‘Vasurudra Adityas’ reside. They act as the guardians of ‘Niraamaya Sthan’.The‘Kaarana Brahma Loka’

 is the residential place  of ‘four faced Brahma’.Sreenagar, which is famously known as the ‘Vidya Sthaanam and the Moola PrakruthiSthaanam’ (elemental nature’s centre) is above it. Above that ‘Maha Kailas’ is there and the ‘Kaarana Vaikunta’ is above that. Known as Puraanapuram is the place of ‘VidyadharaSthan’ in ‘Satya Loka

 ‘Sadhyas’ reside in ‘Anjanaavatipura’ of ‘Tapo Loka’. ‘Sanaka,Sanandana’ and other sages live in ‘Ambaavatipura’ of ‘

Jana Loka’. ‘Siddha’ and othersages live in ‘Jyotishmatipuram’ of ‘Mahaloka‘Indra’ and other deities residein ‘Amaraavatipuram’ of ‘Swarga Loka Called as SuvarLoka’. The celestial architect ‘Viswakarma’ lives in ‘Radhantarapuram’ of ‘Bhuvar Loka

  which houses stars and planetsof the globe There are two divisions in Bhoo Loka (the earth). The division inhabited by humans is called ‘Bhoo Gola’. There is another one known as ‘Maha Bhoomi
Maha Bhoomi is situated at the south of Bhoo Gola at a distance of five crore brahmaanda yojanas. ‘Marthya Loka
means ‘Bhoo Loka’ and ‘Bhuvar Loka’. This includes ‘MahaBhoomi’ also. ‘Paataala’ means ‘Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Rasaatala, Talaatala, Mahaatala,Paataalas’.

Roughlythesearecalled ‘Swarga,Marthya,Paataalas’. Mahabhoomi is situated below the earth in which we live. It is in the form of a risingcircular ground in the middle. Therefore, the illumination from sun and moon constantlylight the surface of Mahabhoomi. As there is always light there is no determination of time here. On this great Earth seven seas and seven islands exist. Jambudweepa is situatedhere only.

How to form creation  :

                                                    In the beginning of creation, everything was inundated with water. As ‘Prajaapati’ did

penance for commencing creation, a lotus leaf appeared on the water at that time. ‘Prajaapati’ assumed the form of a ‘Wild boar’ and took a dip near the lotus leaf and reachedthe ‘Maha Bhoomi’. From that Maha Bhoomi He dug with its sharp tusks and separated some mud and brought that wet mud to the surface of the water. That mud was placed inthe lotus leaf. Then it was named as ‘Prithivi’. 

This is called as earth. The earth is at a distance of 5 crore brahmaanda yojanas (one ordinary yojana = 10 miles) from ‘Maha Bhoomi’. ‘Maha Bhoomi’ has an extent of 50 crore yojanas. Jambudweepa which is in ‘Maha Bhoomi’ 
has nine continents in it.

 Deities reside in ‘Daiva Khanda’. In ‘GarbhasthyaKhanda’ spirits; in ‘Bharata Khanda’ human beings reside. In ‘Saraka Khanda’Siddhas;in ‘Gandharva Khanda’ gandharvas; in ‘Purusha Khanda’ Kinneras dwell. 
Demons in ‘TamraKhanda’; Yakshas in ‘Seru Khanda’ and Pannagas in ‘Indu Khanda’ live. Southwards to ‘Jambudweepa’ of ‘Maha Bhoomi’ in Bharatpura of Bharat continent, ‘Vyvasvatamanu’ holds court along with sages of the earth and humans. Just as Jambudweepa exists in MahaBhoomi another Jambudweepa exists on earth.

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Datta | sripada srivallabha charitamrutam description of worlds
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