Brahma Kamal "Mythical Flower Of Gods"

                                           Description of Brahmakamala flowers

Brahma kamala flowers

    Sree Maha Vishnu worshipped Sadashiva with Brahmakamalas. That which was mentioned

as the lotus springing from the navel of Sree Maha Vishnu is also Brahmakamala. If SreeDatta is worshipped with lotus flowers material and spiritual wealth will be achieved.

 As replicas of the Brahmakamalas in the celestial world, Brahmakamalas are found on earth in Himalayas at an altitude of 12,000 feet. These blossoms bloom once in a year. My Son! They blossom forth only during midnight. This is another wonder. When it blooms an excellent fragrance wafts over the entire area. All the great spiritual aspirants in Himalayas eagerly wait days and months to witness this rare spectacle. From Autumn to Spring season the flowers remains buried in snow. In the beginning of Chaitra month the flowers spring out of the snow. The process of blooming takes place during entire summer.The flowers fully blossom during midnight by the time of Sravana Suddha Poornima (The fullmoon day of the first fortnight of the month Sravana). It is at this time that the snowyShiva Linga of Amarnath becomes visible. My Child! Shankaraa! This wonderful miracle takes place now and forever for the benefit of spiritual seekers, great sages and siddhas  living in Himalayas.
 All sins get destroyed by looking at the Brahmakamalas.Obstacles to yoga cease. This miracle confers instantaneous results. Therefore,yogis and ascetics attain higher status in their respective paths. After it blooms the Brahmakamala flower disappears, after all those who were destined to see it had completely seen it

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Brahma Kamal "Mythical Flower Of Gods"
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Brahma Kamal "Mythical Flower Of Gods" - Guru-power

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