Sri Guru charitra Adhyay 1 Audio and video : Devi Anagha

                                                         Sri Guru charitra Adhyay 1 Audio and video

                                                    In this video story about sri guru nrusimha saraswati swamy As long as we do not realize the Supreme Self, the universe looks frightening as a snake that is illusorily  projected on to a rope in darkness.Let us bow to the Guru, who is the Reality, of the nature of
Reality – Awareness – Bliss. The nondual reality which manifests itself as the many to the erring
intellect, but which is realized to be One is indeed the parabrahman and Lord Datta is it- the one
who in His mercy, manifested Himself as Lord Datta, the son of the sage Atri and Anasuya, to enable
His devotees, Kartaveeryarjuna and King Yadu, to realize the Self. He again manifested Himself as
Sreepada Sreevallabha, and Sree Narasimha Saraswathi to uplift His devotees.

               Even now, He responds to the call of His loving devotees at the confluence of rivers Krishna and Bheema and has      been perpetuating His mission. The One Self who manifested Himself as the multiple universes and
entered its form is Lord Datta Himself. He can be realized through gynana or knowledge.

         Those who transcend the duality of likes and dislikes born of sensory experiences of objects, through the power
of discrimination get liberated from the strangle hold of ignorance. To such a one, only the Supreme Lord is the object of love. It is for the sake of such discriminating ones that the Lord assumes thesporting form of a human being.

In every age, He thus manifests himself and restores righteousness through the adherence to His own duties enjoined by the scriptures and then shuffles off His form. In this cosmic cycle of the Day of Brahma, twenty-eight cycles of the four Yugas (cosmic epochs) had passed in the Swetavarahakalpa. Having known that even the cosmic deities become unresponsive in this wicked age of Kali, He again manifested Himself. He exists in the subtle form of a renunciate sage, manifesting His miraculous and divine sport at the confluence of the rivers Krishna and

    The glory of this manifestation of the divine is indescribable. Even at the moment of His birth, He uttered the mystic syllable “ Om ” and by the mere touch of his hand, He transmuted ironinto gold. Even before he learned the alphabet, he taught the Vedas to his disciples and expounded the Vedanta to his parents in his childhood. Even at that young age, he visited the holy places of pilgrimage, practiced yoga and restored the tradition of renunciation to its pristine purity by his own practice. He cured the intestinal illness of his devotee by making him partake of the very food, which is prohibited by medical science. He transformed a tongueless man to an elegantexpounder of wisdom.

             He terminated the poverty of a man by his mere blessing and enabled him to visit three holy places in the wink of an eye. He revived the dead, made a barren cow yield milk. He conferred the vision of His cosmic form on his devotee, Trivikrama and humbled the pride of the learned. He made a devotee of a low caste recite the Veda by his mere blessing.

                   He terminated the widowhood of a lady and explained the subtleties of karma yoga to a devotee. He made a withered twig grow into a tree and blessed a barren woman with offspring by his mere look. He cured one of leprosy. He presented himself in eight forms simultaneously at the houses of his eight devotees on the holy day of Deepavali (the festival of lights).

         He transformed a farm that was prematurely harvested into one of plentiful yield. He performed and has been performing such miracles. It may be possible to count the stars in the sky, the grains of sand on earth and the drops of   water in the ocean, but not the infinite divine attributes of the Lord. Though he is the Spirit without any form, he miraculously assumes a form and enters his devotee’s heart through the gateway of his hearing and cleans his heart and liberates him in this very life from ignorance.

           The devotee who has transcended the dualism of joy and sorrow, whether he is free from his body or not, will surely attain perfection, the moment he works out the store of his karma called prarabdha. This is a truth, which
cannot be understood by those who do not bask in the association with the will, and who are thus blinded by the force of their infatuation and preoccupation with sensory pleasures.

                     Those who lead their life according to the form of righteousness that is enjoined by scriptures; in accordance with their innate tendency; and those who have faith and devotion in the deities and saints; those who
thus ever live in the light of their discrimination, are free from the false sense of agency in actions and
free from craving for the fruits of this :

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Sri Guru charitra Adhyay 1 Audio and video : Devi Anagha
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