Guru charitra video and audio telugu chapter - 2

                      Guru charitra video and audio telugu chapter - 2 

When Namadharaka woke up, his dream had infused in him a determination to contact
that avadhuta on the physical plane. He wandered about, deeply meditating on the form he saw in his dream. At last, he saw a yogi who was merciful and who transcended the dualities like joy and sorrow. Indeed, he was the same yogi who appeared in his dream

Namadharaka was thrilled to see him and the hair on his body stood up on end. With a quivering voice, he hailed the holy one thus: “Lord! You are my father, mother, protector, teacher and dispeller of fear. Whither are you going? It is my good fortune that you have appeared to me now.

Fellow human beings flock around one, only in time of his prosperity and desert him in times of misery. Only the holy ones come to his rescue, when in distress. You are my all in all. And I am disillusioned with all worldly ties. I have realized the five miseries that afflict the mortals. I am one Namadharaka. I am desperately in search of Sree Guru and I am determined to even to lay down my life in the search. It is not possible for every one to dispel my deep despair.

But at the very sight of you, my heart is filled with bliss. I therefore knew that only you could ward off mymisery”. The siddha (the perfect one) replied: “I am the disciple of Sree Guru whose devotees are ever assured of both physical sustenance during their life and spiritual liberation. He ever abides later on the banks of river Bheema. He is beyond the reach of the three modes of existence (thrigunas) and his true nature can be perceived only by yogis in their meditation. I have attained realization by the grace of Sree Guru and wander about this earth for the welfare
of all beings. I am known as Siddha (the perfect one)”.

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Guru charitra video and audio telugu chapter - 2
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