Shri Guru Charitra Adhyay -9

                           Shri Guru Charitra Adhyay -9

Namadharaka asked Siddha, “Holy one! Sree Nrisimha, after having renounced all worldly ties, why did he visit his mother again? Was it not a transgression of the vow of Sanyasa? Also tell me who his disciples were and what he did later”.

Siddha replied, “As per his religious vows, Sree Nrisimha Saraswathi went round our country andthen returned home to see his mother. For, the mother is worthy of reverence even to arenunciate. Hence, he decided to pay his respects to her.Besides, he started on his wanderings from her presence and the ritual rounding of the travelshas to end there. One has to return to his Source, after all! He has seven disciples and theywere Baala, Krishna, Upendra, Jnanajyothi, Sadaananda, Madhava and Siddha (i.e., myself). Allof us have the title „Saraswathi‟ suffixed to our names.

       Besides these, a few other disciples of him accompanied him to his village. There he blessed his brothers, sister and parents and wasduly honored by them all. Then his mother Amba, recalling her previous birth said to her

husband, “Sir, when I had the good for nothing son and was about to commit suicide, in order to escape the misery, Lord Sreepada protected me and this Nrisimha is the reincarnation of thesame Lord. He then assured me that in my next life, I would have a son of his own spiritualstature. As he has no equals, he now took birth as my son, out of compassion for me and his

natural truthfulness.

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Shri Guru Charitra Adhyay -9
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