shri Guru charitra chapter - 10

                           shri Guru charitra chapter - 10 


In this video discussion between sidha muni and namadaraka . In this video
Namadharaka wished to know what Sree Guru did after sending away his disciples onpilgrimage. So, Siddha

went on: “Oh Namadharaka, Sree Guru stayed at Vaidyanath for one

year. As I already told you, I stayed away with Him. One day, a Brahmin who was dull-witted

came to him, prostrated in reverence and submitted thus: „I strove hard for spiritual perfection.

But I could gain neither perfection nor even a capable guru. So I now take refuge in you. Please

teach me the way to liberation.‟ Hearing these words, Sree Guru said, „Son, first of all tell me,

who had taught you the way to perfection? Else, how could you

have ever tried for it?‟ TheBrahmin replied, „Swami, I first resorted to a guru. But he was very hard

-hearted. He went on

extracting my services and put me in much hardship. So I deserted him.‟ Sree Guru wasshocked at his words and berated him: „Alas, wh

at have you done! It can never be for yourgood. It is a sin even to look at the face like you, who has deserted his guru. Get away! Indeed,one who is unwilling to bow before his guru in humility, serve him with love or wait on him forinstruction with pa

tience and implicit obedience will never win the grace of the guru.‟ The visitorfelt miserable and said, „Sir how am I to recognize a genuine guru? How to serve him? Ibetrayed my guru out of my ignorance. Please save me!‟ 


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shri Guru charitra chapter - 10
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