Sri Guru charitra adyay -11

                   Sri Guru charitra adyay -11

Namadharaka was eager to know the details of the miracle. So, Siddha resumed his account:

"Oh Namadharaka, in a town called Karveer, there lived a brahmin couple. They had a son who was illiterate. People heckled him saying, 'You are indeed an animal without a tail and horns but endowed with only two legs. It is the good fortune of cattle that you do not feed on grass.
Education is a treasure of which no one can be robbed. It grows by being given away to one's disciples. It can make even the lowest of the lowly, a great man. Even a poor man can gain wealththrough the power of education. Like a chaste wife, education affords pleasure and it protects us like a mother. It comes to one's rescue in a crisis, like a friend. In doing good, it is like the father. It's like the guru in enlightening us. You who are devoid of such precious education are indeed a beast'.
The boy felt humiliated. He at once retired to the forest, forswore food and sleep and meditated on the Divine Mother. As she did not grant him her vision, he cut off his tongue and offered it to her and
vowed that he would offer her his head the next day. That night, the Divine Mother appeared in his
dream and said, 'There is a sannyasi on the other bank of the river Krishna. Seek refuge from him. It
will do you good.'

Accordingly, the young man visited Sree Guru the next day and bowed to him in reverence.
Sree Guru placed his hand on the young man's head in blessing. At once the young man regained
his tongue, and also attained mastery over all branches of learning in a trice. There is nothing
strange in this. Such defects as dull-wittedness are destroyed in those who ever meditate on the
sacred feet of Sree Guru, which-have in them such mystic signs as Vajra. What to say then, when the
Lord Himself personally blessed a man? The brahmin youth returned to his native place, Mahurapura,
and by leading a life of spiritual discipline, attained perfection.
Later, Sree Guru set out in the southern direction. After visiting the holy place of the eight
sacred rivers (ashtateertha), he proceeded to the place of the confluence of river Krishna with five
other sacred rivers. Then he reached the western shore and stayed there for some time.

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Sri Guru charitra adyay -11
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