Kanipakam Ganesh Temple | The Unknowing History of Ganesh temple

Kanipakam Ganesh Temple | The  Unknowing History of Ganesh temple

kanipaka Varasidhi vinayaka temple is famousa Hindu temple of  Lord Ganesh .It is situated at Kanipakam in Chittoor district of Andhra pradesh in India

              This Ganesh . Temple was constucted by Chola king Kulothunga chola in early 11 th century and it was expanded in nearly 1336 by the Emperors.

        The Greatness of Kanipaka Vinayaka :

 Once upon a time there are three brothers in a village. Those three brothers were phisically Handicaped one of them are blind and second one is dumb .The third one would take birth as deaf.These three brothers took land measuring one kani a measure of land about an acre and were cultivating it.In that field there was a ground well . They were drawing water from it with the help of country made lift.There was severe drought in one year. The ground water level depleted .


            On one day when all the water dried up the brothers at temted to remove sand with a shovel the shovel hit a rock under the water and blood oozed out when his hand touched the blood the dumb one gained speech, water was raising in the well the deaf one was cured of his disability on touching water.

            The third one who was blind gained sight when he touched the rock in the water, the rock is self manifested Ganesh . statue as the shovel hit the rocky Icon on the head, blood started streaming out from there.


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Kanipakam Ganesh Temple | The Unknowing History of Ganesh temple
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