What are the 4 yugas | why kaliyuga people are very fortunate

     What are the 4 yugas | why kaliyuga people are very fortunate 

           The universal power of supreme self wished to manifest himself  as the many . That wish is the lords maya , the divine creative power . when he was sleep of yogic trance , the whole cosmos was created by the power of maya .From the navel of  Lord Vishnu emanated a divine lotus , from which sprang Brahma , the creater .All the  knowledge of vedas was bestowed on him by vishnu in accordance with the vedic wisdom , brahma projected  the  universe . He also created the natural classification of the various codes of conduct for castes and the four stages of human life to suit the human beings endowded with different propensites ,


 He also created the cycle of four yugas or universal epochs .
yugas are 1. Krita yuga
                2. Treta yuga
                3. Dwapara yuga
                4. Kali yuga

characters  of yugas :

Kritayuga : Kritayuga is symbolised by the principles of truth , dispassion , wisdom ,and religious sacrifice.
Treta yuga : The intricacies and details of yagna or religious sacrifice.
Dwapara yuga : The dwapara epoch is weapon weilding
Kaliyuga : kali is breaker of the bridge of righteousness ,  kali is the inspirer of grief ,dispute ,hate and the fire of craving . who is even allied to lust and anger and he is dear to kali
Ages of Yugas :
 1The .Kritayuga  : 17,28,000 years long
 2.The Treta yuga : 12,96,000 years long
 3. The Dwapara yuga : 8,64,000 years long
4. The Kali Yuga  :  4,32,000

Kaliyuga people are very  fortunate : According to Sripada srivallabha charitamrutam( sripada srivallabha is the first incarnation of Lord Dattatreya in Kaliyuga . He was born in 13 th centuary in Pithapuram).
                  Men become weaklings with the passage of yugas . Therefore , the Almighty descendes to lower state on the prayer of sages . The incarnation of Lord in human body is an indication of his complete grace . The descent  of lordship to lower levels enables humans to obtain excellent results with little effort . Therefore ,human beings in kali yuga are fortunate.By mere remembrance the grace of lord  Dattatreya would be available .There are many opportunities for the downfal of man in kaliyuga but there are  eqally twofold number of opportunities .
sripada srivallbha swamy said " I am a slave of those who leave aside all other thoughts and always think about me .


 Lord Dattatreya grace will be obtained only by remembering him . For human beings , the number of ways of obtaining the grace of the Lord’s Feet are much more than the ways leading to his downfall . This is the Great Truth .By remembering ,  worshipping you start connecting to Lord Shreepad Shree Vallabh Prabhu . Therefore faults , bad deeds , bad habits and desires enter the consciousness of Shreepad Shree Vallabh .

Sripada srivallabha

                    The devotees are benefitted by the auspicious good  vibrations from him . Lord Shreepad destroys the evils that enter the devotee’s consciousness by bathing in a sacred river . If not in this way , he will burn the evil deeds in the Fire of his Yoga . He does penances himself and give the fruit of his penances to his devotees . Without violating the Theory of Actions ( Karma ) , he protects his devotees . If he feels necessary , he liberates his devotees by absorbing the many old and big fruits of their deeds . Therefore his devotees are liberated from the bondage of Karmas without even realizing it . They are liberated
Sripada srivallabha swamy very impressed when who will recite his name" Digambara Digambara sripadavallabha Digambara".

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What are the 4 yugas | why kaliyuga people are very fortunate
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