Lord Shiva | Do you know the secrets weapons of lord SHIVA ?

           Do you know the secrets weapons of lord SHIVA ? 

Lord Shiva   is the one of the famous god in Hindu mythology. He is the one in triinity,braham,vishnu maheswara,Lord Shiva have so many  names  like,siva,chandrasekara,neelakanta,rudra,uma pathi ,shambo , sankar ,gangadhara ,mahadev etc.

  Main weapons of lord shiva :  

Trishul :

Trishul is main weapon of Lord Shiva.Trident has tree sharp points.They are in the form of flames of fair.All the three join togeather at the bottom and shaped as a single trident.Those three points indicates sattwa ,rajas, and thamo gunas (qualities),

In fact their unity is beyond the three attributes. Trident indicates this inner meaning.Not only that, breath is flowing through   Ida and pingala nerves and reaching the point between the eye brows in the head.The centre point of brahmajnaana of these three ida pingala and sushmna nerves is called as triveni sangamam this is the inner meaning of trishull.


The second one is Naagaabharana : 

When kundalini shakti becomes powerful, ashta siddhis ( eight types of faculties) are obtained . Kundalini is of the shape of serpent . To indicate it that way Lord Shiva is named as naagabharana , shiva is also named as Iswara.All these great siddhis are dangerous like serpent. As he keeps them under his control and utilize them for the welfare of the world Shiva also got the name of Iswara.

Damaru : 

Damarukam is tied to the trident of shiva . The attribute of sound is said to be sky . The vibrations of sound travel in the sky. Vibrations emerge when we chant or hear the mantrajapa. Those vibrations cause sounds resembling the sounds from the damaru, of Lord shiva in our ears .Respected resitation of mantras gives happiness to yogi . In that ineffable joy he dance .As a simble of htis only parameswara holds damaru.

    Aagyaa chakra located in the middle of the eye brows is the center of all knowledge. This chakrahas to expand for a wise man to acquire supernatural vision A yogi will be able to understand past future and present only through this chakra. Verily this Aaagya chakra is the third eye of parameswara,If this knowledge eye unfolds it becomes possible to burn cupid the diety of sensual desire.
    It is said that Shiva resides in burial ground .When all desiresare burnt to ashes by the fire of yoga a yogi experiences a state of nirvana brining forth profound peace .Knowledge or wisdom is compared with white colour . That is vibhooti .A person get pure wisdom when his thoughts and desires are extingushed .From that happiness results . The purification of wisdom takes place in four stages of natural ,super natural ,spiritual and mental planes.

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Lord Shiva | Do you know the secrets weapons of lord SHIVA ?
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