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  Sri GopalBaba Maharaj

Shri Shripada Shri Vallabha Swamy is the first incarnation of Dattatreya swamy in human form(1320-1350)AD ,Second incarnation Shri Narsinh Saraswati swami (1378-1458) (80 years)moved to Srisailam Kadali vanam and was in Thapasya for 300 years and then incarnated as 3rd Datta Avatar Shri Swamy Samartha Maharaj(poush shudhh dwitiya 1758 to 30-04-1878, 4th Datta Avatar Shri Manikyaprabhu Maharaj ,5 th Datta Avatar Shri Shiridi Sai nath Maharaj Shridi ,6 th Datta Avatar Shri Nampalli Baba Maharaj.

Shri Gopal Baba Maharaj belongs to Dattatreya Cult ,He is now in pithapuram to take up the programme of Shri Shripada Shri Vallabha Swamy . Shri Gopal Baba Maharaj is a avadhuta, satguru, a living GOD. He is sakshat Datta avatar ,Shri Gopal Baba has made pithapuram as his THAPO BHOOMI .Shri Gopal Baba is "SARVANTARYAMI" He knows each and everything happening around his devotees.This was personally experienced by number devotees following him from all over the world . Baba neither speaks nor gives any lectures to his devotees. He is always in 'MOUNA MUDRA' ,very rarely speaks few words. No one knows his origin or his age , Number of Miracles are shown to his devotees . Shri Gopal Baba Ashram was formed by his devotees in the year 2008 on vijayadasami when Baba ordered to start DHUNI in the Ashram, Holy fire was brought from Shridi DWARAKAMAI . One of Baba ' s dearest devotee donated land and a small construction was made for Baba to stay.From that day number of divine activities started taking place in the Ashram like Nithya Annadanam to the poor, handicapped, old age people, Free School for the poorchildren.lunch,uniforms,free pickup for the children. One of the most important activity happening in Ashram is Go Samrakshan (Go Shala) All these programmes are going on by the blessings of Shri Gopal Baba Maharaj.

Resolutions of Shripada Shri vallabha swamy

One of his upper most wish is to coordinate all the doctrines and customs prevailing in the world, and merge them in the Sanathana Dharma and to awaken the Universal Kundalini power. The devine will of Shripada is that his Divine biography comes into light in the 33rd lineage of his maternal grand father Bapanarya and that all the programmes are conducted by himself. According to his Sankalpa, the programmes of Sripada are being conducted with the direct or indirect cooperation of so many noble and fulfilled persons.

As a part in the programme for the prosperity and welfare of the whole cosmos (Viswa kalyanam) Sripada Swamy himself in the form of Bhagavan Sri GopalBaba Came to Pithapuram and undertaken full responsibility.

When people are indulged in evil deeds and atrocities are on the rise, and pious people are not able to bear them, God with the veil of his maya incarnates. It is really marvelous to see God who is beyond birth and death amidst us as human being such a wonderful special form is that of our Shri Gopal Baba Maharaj.

About Sri Gopal Baba Maharaj :

Due to Kali effect, due to ignorance people commit sinful acts and cannot live a moral life, Swamy comes as Sadguru and by his charming actions make as many as Possible to desire liberation and lead moral life.

The birth and His birthplace etc of Shri GopalBaba are divine secrets. There is a proverb (saying) that we should not search for the place of origin of Guru and River. When enquired his devotees, he was at first seen in the Railway station of Vizayanagaram(vizag) Andhra Pradesh. He himself made his existence known by miracles. Afterwards for some years he was in the house of Sri Arif. Many had his Darshan when he was in Vizag. His next camp was in the Ashram of Pakalapadu Guruji (Narsipatnam Andhra pradesh), Where he was staying under a tree, unmindful of the weather conditions and in meditation most of the time. He went round many places and favored many disciples with his grace. He helped many who are in distress and difficulties and took to exulted positions. He visited many ashrams and also residences to ward off their problems with his compassion and love. Actually he does not need to take birth.

Sri Gopal Baba took this human form to embrace the humans who, due to the effect of Kali, morally degraded selfish, argumentative, envious and egoistic, and assure them that he would make them obtain salvation and merge in Sri Datta.

Baba is nameless and form less (Baba is beyond name and form) He need not do anything. Due to our luck he is in human form in Pithapuram and awakening the Universal Kundalini.

We are very fortunate to have his physical Darshan and presence. He is always in divine consciousness. Just as Ramana Maharshi, he teaches through silence. Entering the Ashram and touching his feet wipes out all our past sins. Shri Gopal Baba is the very personification of Parabrahma. Whom even Vedas could not describe fully.

What ever we ask and aspire in our mind with full devotion, we receive instant reply. He is compassion itself and never says no or not. He always gives but never expects. If we really wish to be free from dirt in us he helps us and leads us to the destination, by reducing our problems one by one. We initially pray to any god to remove our problems. In the beginning Baba makes us believe that he can help us. After we start accepting him without our Knowledge, he takes us towards spirituality. While spending time in the presence of Baba. We realize that all the problems are our own making and we can bear the suffering by the grace of god.

As mentioned in Charitamrutham, Baba through a small incident removes our past Karma, and some times he takes the effect on him and relieve us from that suffering. If you want to become close to Baba, first of all you have to be free from ego and doubt. Then only you accept him as God. Born as a human being, we have to help our fellowmen. Baba tells , when you partake food you have to provide food. We have to donate or use some money out of our earning for some good deeds and service to God and sanctify our lives. Out of all Charities “Annadanam” (Donation of food) is the noblest; as we can satisfy a person only with food. To take part in Annadna activity in the presence of Baba who is embodiment of Sri Guru Datta is our good fortune earned in the past lives.

We should be deserving to earn the grace of Guru. Baba who has no mine and thine, spending all his powers for his devotees. Baba’s merciful looks illuminate all the seven worlds, like the effulgence of 1000 suns. His one look makes us cross the ocean of Samsara.

Sri GopalBaba is verily Sri Dattha in human form in Sri Pithikapuram. When we read the life histories of Sri Shiridi Sai Baba and Tajuddin Baba, we feel sad that we were not there at that time. But now in the present time we are not missing any thing as Shri GopalBaba is there. He in order to sanctify our lives, to awaken Universal Kundalini power and to see that we follow and do only good deeds, he made Sri Pithikapuram as his permanent place/residence.

But we are unable to Visualize his divinity or understand him as he covers himself with maaya.(illusion) The Philosophy of Dattha is both easy and difficult. Only faith and forbearance help us to reach him. When Shri Shiridi Baba was in human form, people at that time could not believe him as God, because his actions were putting them under the viel of maaya. (covered by illusion) Like wise Shri Gopal Baba’s actions also make us doubt him. Those who have full faith realize his compassion and love behind his actions. In his presence our minds become calm due to our sins get diminished, peace prevails and our wisdom awakens. Our attitude changes and prompts us to move towards righteous path unknowingly. He has nothing to do with our conduct or Company. However bad our behavior , with his boundless compassion makes us tread the right path. We all should obediently be aware of his divinity. Guru saves us even if god ignores us. But if we betray our guru, god will never protect us. Nobody can have his Darshan without his will. By having his Darshan and touching his feet, we get rid of our family ties and move towards salvation. The Trinity (Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswar) pay their respects at the feet of the Supreme Phenomenon.

Intrested devotees can contribute and participate in these divine activities and seek the blessings of Shri Shripada Shri Vallabha Swamy & Shri Gopal Baba Maharaj.


Smt vani vishakapatnam-

In Visakhapatnam smt Vani W/O Srinivasa Reddy is a staunch devotee of Baba. Their only son Tarun had severe attack of fits, kept in I.C.U for treatment. All the devotees in the Ashram were offering collective prayers as they believe Baba is the only saviour. The situation was very critical, the photo of Tharun was brought to Baba and Baba blessed the photo with Akshatas. The Doctors who edamined Tharun were astonished for the instant relief from such a critical position. Her devotion and belief on Baba, her constant prayers, Baba saved his life. In this life Sojourn we face several troubles. Without difficulties there is no life. Having faith in god is the only assurance for our progress. The belief, devotion and endurance of Mrs Vani and sincere prayers of all devotees, Tarun was brought back to life; with his boundless grace. When we have reserve of Virtues to our credit we get the companionship of god. Those who are aware of soul (experience the soul) reach god. Here is an incident where god himself goes to in search of devotees, capture their minds and make them enjoy the heavenly bliss. One devotee by name Subhasree of Hyderabad is a devotee of Baba. When Baba was in Hyderabad she was craving for his Darshan. But she would not do so, as her husband did not recognize the divinity of Baba. She was longing for the seva of guru.

She arranged a place and altar in her house and do ablution (Ceremonial washing) with milk to his feet, imagining him sitting there. She was performing every type of worship mentally and enjoying communion with Baba.

One day Baba asked for the car, got into it along devotees, directing the driver to proceed as per his directions. He stopped the car at a market place, got down, purchased Custard Apples. Neither the devotees nor the driver know where Baba is going. Baba after reaching Subha Sree’s house got down with the fruits, entered their house. It’s a pleasant surprise to Subhas Sree, seeing Baba in person in her house. Performed Padapooja and her life sanctified. Swamy coming to their house uninvited , giving Custard Apples to her husband , who is very fond of them, she felt undefinable happiness for the rarest expression of love and concern. Her husband also realized the divinity of Baba and became his devotee.

Nanda kishor Misal Mumbai-

While going from Mysore to Ahmednagar with his family in June 2004, they haulted in chitradurga. He got a dream where he saw a tall person person like Sri Shiridi Sai Baba whom two persons were holding while walking. When Baba kicked with his left leg, I fell at his feet offering my prayer. One of the persons with Baba told me that it is one type of vow given to me. Next day I narrated this to my wife and I went to Shiridi several times enquired many to know about this dream, but no avail. When I went to Kuruvapuram in December 2009 for Datta Jayanthi, One gentle man by name Anjaneya whom I never met earlier, advised me to go to Pithapuram and have the Darshan of Gopal Baba. I came to Gopal Baba Ashram in June 2010. When I went to the Ashram, Baba was sitting before the school in a chair.

When I bent down to touch his feet his foot touched my face. When Baba told “get up” two devotees held him. Then my dream of 2004 came to my mind and Gopal Baba only has given me that vow. Next day I stayed in the Ashram doing some seva to Baba. From there I went to Kuruvapuram, met Anjaneya and when enquired him he told that on Datha Jayanthi dayl during his meditation, he was told to you for Gopal Baba’s Darshan in the same month along with my family . I went to Pithapuram for his Darshan. Fortunately that day is star Chitta. Baba blessed all of us. My wife has been suffering since March after Baba’s Darshan she recovered fast. The members in the Ashram advised me to place (offer) coconuts for 41 days in Ashram Dhuni. Baba while talking to me blessed all my family members. Now we worship Sri Gopal Baba only.

Pullela Gopichand Hyderabad(National Batminton Coach)

He had his 1st Darshan 5 years back, and has been having his Darshan. Swamy looks after his devotees with love. He has a problem. In one of his programmes solution for his problem was indicated directly (or openly). He always believes that Baba with his love blesses us and shows us the way.

Sreenivas Peddisetty Nellore-

He had darshan of Shri Gopal Baba Maharaj six years back ,He was blessed by Baba with a business in his life Which made his life more stable.Number of MIracles are shown to him by Baba in his life.

Baba through many such miracles, Protects his devotees in many ways, diverting their minds towards spirituality, there by towards salvation, while pouring down all his divine Power.

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