Marudamalai temple history ,timings and Dieties | The might of Marudamalai

                   Maruthwa Malai Temple History 

Maruthwa Malai’, which was located nerby coimbatore. I Readt about the small story about this Maruthwa Malai in sripada srivallabha swamy charitra . Maruthwa malai is famous hill for  Anciant yogies.
That while Sri Hanumantha was taking the ‘Sanjeevini Hill’ back to Himalayas, a piece fell from it at that place and so it was named ‘Maruthwa Malai’.

That hill present in the Marutwamalai village was good looking. It had some caves in it. I learnt that it was the place where “Siddha Purusha’s” (illumined souls) did penance incognito.
This is the place of penance (tapo bhumi) and also siddha bhum

Why do We Participate in yagyans :

 In this world, the good deeds like Yajnas and Yagas are becoming scarce. The man who is benefited by the five elements (Pancha Bhutas), air, water, sky, fire and earth, is ignoring God who is the source of these elements. One has to perform sacrifices (yajnas) to please Gods.

 With that, Gods will be satisfied and by their grace, the nature (prakruthi) becomes favorable to man. Man cannot withstand, if any power of nature becomes violent. If these powers of nature are not pacified, calamities occur.
If man deviates from the righteous path problems come from the powers of nature. I did this sacrifice for the welfare of the world. The meaning of ‘Yaajan’ is ‘Union’. If You can see this yajna because of your good fortune. As the fruit of this yajna,  your desires are full fill.

Now Marutwamalai is called Marudhamalai.It is the famous temple of Lord Murugan .The Temple is located in hillock.The temple showcases Dravidian Architecture.The temple situated is completely covered with fully medicinal herbs.As the Maruthwamalai temple situated in top of the hill.The Hill Name is Sanjivini .

Marudhamalai Temple Timings:

5 am to 1 pm
2 pm to 9 pm

Marudamalai Temple Dieties :

The hill is dotted with small mandapams for the devotees to relax on their way uphill. At the foothills, where the steps to the temple begin, is the Thaan Thondri Vinayakar Temple. The 18th step above the Vinayakar Temple is another significant spot because those, who are unable to make it to Sabarimala find praying at this place equally gratifying.
Lord Murugan

Another deity that draws your attention on the way is Idumban, who is seen on a huge circular rock at the Temple of Idumban! The three huge stones that stand out for the colour that’s different from the rest, and the mandapam of Kudhirai Kulambu are the other noticeable places on the route. High above these are the Paambaatti Siddhar Cave, Uchchi Pillaiyar Temple and Pancha Vriksham that convey a lot about the hoariness of Marudhamalai.

The Adhi Moolasthanam is in the shape of a lingam, where Lord Muruga is seen with Valli and Deivanai. The beautiful deity of Muruga in the Moolasthanam is both a devotee’s and connoisseur’s delight!

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Marudamalai temple history ,timings and Dieties | The might of Marudamalai
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