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Dwarka is known as “Lord Krishna’s house”, who is considered to be the 8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It was known in ancient times as Kushasthali. The name Dwarka literally means dwar = gate and ka = Brahma. Brahma considered being infinite. So complete meaning is ’ gate of salvation’. Therefore, the aura of this religious city turns into spirituality with the mantras of devotees seeking holiness and salvation. 
Lord Krishna

   This golden city was supposed to have arisen out of the sea on the command of a person who is very much the heart of Hinduism. The story about the city is as much magical as the story of the man who built it. Legends surrounding this mysterious city fascinated poets and scholars for centuries.
The personality ruling over this kingdom was none other than Lord Krishna, the charismatic God ruling over the hearts of millions of devotees. Dwarka as the golden city was called, had many 'Dwaras' or 'Gateways' 
Dwaraka under water

The story of Krishna as told in the sacred scripture Srimad Bhagavatam, describes the scenario that led to the construction of Dwarka. Once, when Krishna was ruling the city of Mathura, the kingdom was repeatedly attacked by Jarasandha, the tyrant King of Magadha (the present day Bihar), around 17 times. 

The Monarch lost to Krishna in all 17 battles, and he attacked Mathura the 18th time. At this stage, Krishna decided to build a separate city on an island in the Western coast of India, to save his citizens, his Yadava clan from the trouble of repeated wars. The city was built by the divine architect, Vishwakarma himself. The city soon grew in fame and became the invincible pivot of Lord Krishna's mission, housing thousands, in around 900 palaces
Dwarka is the only city that is part of both the Dham (the four main holy places) and the Satpura Puri (seven holy cities) mentioned in Hinduism. 

For this reason, it has a remarkable religious significance which attracts thousands of pilgrims throughout the year. This place is also mentioned in Mahabharata and Skanda Purana. According to the devotees’ texts, Dwarka is one of the holy sites which provide liberation because after leaving Mathura, Lord Krishna built his earthly empire here.
According to tradition, Krishna was born to Mathura with a black hair of Vishnu, son of Prince Vasudeva and Devaki. 

Kamsa, a King of the Bhoja lineage, cruel and immoral, reigns over Mathura after overthrowing his father, Ugrasena. Kamsa is also Devaki’s brother and he is in love with his sister, who is to marry Prince Vasudeva. As he drives the chariot that leads Devaki to his new husband, he hears a heavenly voice that predicts that his sister’s eighth child will cause his fall. Mad with rage, he pulls Devaki by the hair out of the chariot and when Vasudeva sees it, he promises to give him his unborn children.

The couple keeps his promise for his first six children, but the seventh, Balarama, is secretly entrusted to Rohini, one of Vasudeva’s wives. When he learns he has been cheated, Kamsa jails the couple. Devakî soon brings forth a new child, Krishna, and thanks to a miracle that kills the soldiers of Kamsa, Vasudeva manages to escape for a while, goes to the village of Gokula and entrusts Krishna to a couple of cowherds, Yashoda and Nanda, who exchange it for one of their daughters, Yoga Mâyâr.

 In the morning, Kamsa learns the birth of a new child, seizes and kills Yoga Mâyâ who turns into a celestial creature and reminds her of the prediction. Kamsa kills all the newborns, but Krishna escapes him.
He then sends his several demons to kill him, but without success. When Krishna grew up, he took revenge for his parents by killing Kamsa. Kamsa father-in-law Jarasandha was very angry with Krishna’s actions and he took an oath to destroy Krishna along with the entire family of Krishna, and once Jarasandha was attacking the city with his demons partners, he was going to destroy Mathura. 

So save Mathura’s people from the war, Krishna constructed Dwarka with the help of God. when the people of Mathura were sleeping at night, Krishna transformed all the Mathura people to Dwarka by elusive powers, so any harm to the lives of the people can be prevented in the war with Jarasandha.Dwarka is mentioned in many old Hindu Vedas
According to Mahabharata, the city had to submerge because of Queen Gandhari’s curse on Lord Krishna (her 99 sons died during the war and she blamed Krishna for not stopping the slaughter). Then

A small feud started among the Yadavas and it evolved into a massive fight. This fight killed all the sons of Lord Krishna and his elder brother. Almost all of the Yadavas were killed and the city was burnt to ashes. Krishna and his brother fled to the forests without stopping the fight. Later in the forest Krishna was struck by an arrow, mistaken for a deer, by a hunter who was actually King Baali of Ramayana period in his rebirth. Later, the city submerged into the sea.
Krishna then leaves the banks of Yamuna and settles with his people in Dvarak (Dwarka) in Gujarat.

 There he meets and marries Rukmini. Later, he participates alongside Arjuna and the Pandavas in the great battle of Kurukshetra evoked in the Mahâbhârata(in which the Bhagavad-Gîtâdescribes the teaching of Krishna), then his sister Subhadrâwife Arjuna.
 sri krishna

The departure, or death, of Krishna’s incarnation, is taken at the end of a previous age, of a yuga, and the beginning of the Kali Yuga which is approximately 3100 BC. If Dwarka was created by Lord Krishna then artifacts could have dated to 3100 BC. On the other hand, artifacts show the date of 1700 to 1800 BC which contradicts with Mythology which is believed in India.  

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lord krishna | secrets of Dwaraka - Guru power
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