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                                         Chapter 5

Shankar Bhatt reaches Tirupathi Meets Tirumala Das in Kanipakam

Removal of Sani effect on Shankar Bhatt by the grace of Sripada

During my journey I came to the most sacred Tirupathi kshetram. I experienced some unknown peace in my mind. I took bath in ‘Pushkarini’ and had darshan of Sri Venkateswara. I was immersed in dhyana in the temple premises. In dhyana I found Sri Venkateswara was in a female form. That form looked like Bala Tripura Sundari and it changed into ‘Parameswara’ form in a few seconds. After some time it changed into the form of ‘Maha Vishnu’. After doing dhyana for some time, that deity took the form of an extremely beautiful 16 years old ‘child monk’. His looks were nectarine. From his two eyes affection of crores of mothers was emanating. 

Sripada Srivallabha Swamy At Tirupati

Meanwhile one black ugly person came to that young monk and said, ‘Sripada Srivallabha Prabhu! You are the controller of the universe. ‘Elinati Sani’ (the effect of planet Saturn) has started from today for your devotee ‘Shankar Bhatt’. I will make him suffer from all sorts of difficulties in this world. I am waiting for  your orders.’ Sripada Prabhu who is most graceful in heart said, ‘Shaneeswar! You make people do karmas (actions). Making them experience the effect of karma, you are liberating them from ‘karmas’. 

You proceed according to your dharma. My promise is to protect devotees who surrender to me. You will see how I will come to his rescue and liberate him from the troubles you create.’ After they talked like this, both Sripada and Saneeswara disappeared from my ‘dhyana’. After that, I could not concentrate on Bhagawan. I understood that my bad period had started and Sripada would sail me across those difficulties. From Tirumala, I came down to Tirupathi.

                            Sripada and Saneeswara

I was moving in Tirupathi streets as I liked. My mind was disturbed. One barber forcibly stopped me and said fiercely, ‘Are you Subbaiah, who ran from the house twenty years ago? Your parents are worried. Your wife became mature. You live with her and be happy with children.’ Then I said, ‘Sir! I am Shankar Bhatt and a Brahmin belonging to Kannada region. I am a traveller. I have been going to sacred places. I am a devotee of Datta. Having heard that Datta Prabhu has manifested as Sripada Srivallabha, I am going to Kurungadda for His darshan. I am promising on the most sacred Gayathri. I am a ‘Brahmachari’. I am not the barber Subbaiah as you think.’

He was not listening to me. Many people gathered there. Every one was blaming me in a different way. I was taken to Subbaiah’s house. Subbaiah’s parents thought that I was Subbaiah only and requested me in a number of ways and told me not to leave them and it was a great sin to leave wife who had become mature. One of them said, ‘Subbaiah has become dirty with moustache and beard. If we shave him his old shining comes.’ Even though I told them a number of times that I

Shankar butt at Tirupati

was not Subbaiah, they forcibly tonsured me. They shaved my hair on the head neatly and removed my moustache and beard also. They removed my sacred thread (yajnopaveetham) also. They brought one sorcerer for my sake. He was dressed in a very strange and peculiar way. I was feeling as if there was a cut in my heart seeing his fierce looks. They tied me and made a cut on my head with knife. They poured lime juice and other juices on the cut wound. I was suffering with unbearable pain. They came to a conclusion that, after I left the house I was possessed by a Brahmin ghost and that was the reason why I was wearing the sacred thread and chanting mantras. The Brahmin community in Tirupathi also did not come to my rescue. 

They also thought that the traveler who came to the town was Subbaiah only and he was possessed by a Brahma Rakshasa. When I was taken to the Brahmin elders in the town, I told them that I was a smarta Brahmin from Kannada region, I belonged to Bharadwaja gothra, I also knew Namakam and Chamakam, and I did ‘Sandhya Vandan’ daily. Those Brahmin elders did not believe what I said and told them that one Kannada Brahmin became a ghost and possessed him and so they should give him proper treatment and make him normal.

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I became unconscious with pain due to the wounds. My wailing became a wailing in the jungle. When I became conscious, I saw a black ugly person resembling me exactly and sitting in front of me. Without speaking anything, he merged into me and became one with me. I realized in my mind that my fate was disturbed under the influence of ‘Elinati Sani’, that the next 7-1/2 years would be very difficult and only Sripada Srivallabha would be able to save me.

Even with that great pain, I was chanting Sripada Srivallabha’s name. As I was chanting, my pain was coming down. The sorcerer was continuing to sacrifice chicken and goats and was doing strange worships. I was being given a special restricted diet. The sorcerer decided that I should be given only vegetarian diet as Subbaiah was possessed by a Brahmin ghost. I was afraid that they might force me to eat meat. But by the grace of Sripada I was given only vegetarian diet, so I was consoled in my mind to some extent. I suffered intense pain for three days. As I did not forget to chant Sricharana’s name even in that hell like pain, I was not feeling the experience of pain from fourth day onwards.

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 Many different and strange experiments were being done on my body. The sorcerer was hitting me with a whip. I trembled and cried ‘Srivallabha! Save me! Save me! How can one suffer the hell like pains when surrendered to Sri Datta Prabhu with stable devotion?’ At that moment, some wonderful thing happened. Even when the whip was beating me, I was not experiencing any pain. But the sorcerer trembled. He could not understand why he was feeling the pain of whip lashes when he was hitting me. He was looking at me with horror. I smiled noticing Sri Charana’s divine ‘leela’.

 Even though I was eating restricted salt free diet, it was very tasty to me. I started eating to my full satisfaction. I was eating the food thinking that it was the graceful ‘prasad’ of Sripada. But the sorcerer, though he was eating chicken and mutton, saw it as poisonous food. His health was deteriorating. Then he stopped hurting me and was spending time with ‘mantras’ and

‘worships’. On the fifth day of starting the treatment to me, his house got burnt. Though they did  not start the fire, it got created on its own and within no time, the house was burnt to ashes. On the sixth day he came to Subbaiah’s house with a pitiful face and said, ‘The Brahmin ghost, which has possessed Subbaiah, is a sorcerer. Because I tried to treat him, he burnt my house by using mantras. So to propitiate ‘Bhetala’ and many kshudra shaktis, we have to do many rituals and for that we need a lot of money.’ I knew that by doing treatment, there was no use and the sorcerer was suggesting many rituals with a desire for money. I thought ‘If I bow to the fate and accept Subbaiah’s wife as my wife, that will be most unfortunate and there is no worse deceit than that.’ I was feeling as if my heart was being cut with a saw, not knowing why the fate was playing with my life in such a cruel way. 

I told the parents of Subbaiah, ‘Father and Mother! Don’t come under the illusive influence of that sorcerer selling away all your movable and immovable properties. My health is alright. I am thinking you as my parents only.’ Then I was released from the torture of the sorcerer. Subbaiah’s parents were extremely happy. Seeing the happiness in them, my eyes became wet. Because any woman is equal to mother, I prayed to Sripada in my mind pitifully to save me from falling from the path of dharma.

sripada srivallabha charitamrutam

On the seventh day after my treatment started, I looked at the wife of Subbaiah who was serving me and said, ‘what do you think about me? Do you believe that I am really Subbaiah?’ She said, ‘I was married to him when I was two years old. Now my age is 22. Only ‘Parameswar’ knows whether you are my husband or not. No man can be quiet seeing his wife in youth. Even though you suffered so much, you did not treat me as your wife. You did not even touch me. This is possible only for people with ‘high’ samskaara. I do not have any opinion about you. I want to live according to dharma in accordance with the tradition of our caste. If you are my husband, don’t leave this servant of your feet. Otherwise, as 20 years elapsed after my husband left the house and as I was married at an age when I did not know anything, you can accept me as your wife. I will follow your foot-steps. Who is Sripada Vallabha whom you always remember? If he is a sadguru, I will also pray to him to show a righteous solution to this difficult problem.’

It appeared that her argument was genuine. I said ‘Sripada Srivallabha is indeed Sri Dattatreya. He is born in this ‘kali yugam’. At present he is staying at Kuruvapuram. He behaves according to our feelings. If we think He is a sadguru, He will give us the feeling of sadguru. If we think Him as ‘Paramatma’ he will prove Himself as Paramatma. It is better if you also chant the name of Sripada Srivallabha. Definitely a way will be shown and a solution will be found acceptable to all.’

On that day a ‘Mala Jangama’ had come there. He had treatises written on palm leaves. Within a short time, he became dear to all people in that locality. He was telling the past, present and future of all people coming to him wonderfully. He was telling them that the palm leaf treatises

he had were known as ‘Nadee Grandhas’ and it was also called Ramala Shastram and the things written in that would happen without fail. On the request of Subbaiah’s parents he came to their house also. He gave me few shells and asked me to drop them on the floor. He did some calculations and took out one leaf from the palm leaf book and read. ‘The person who put the question is a Kannada Brahmin called Shankar Bhatt. He will write ‘charitra’ of Sripada Srivallabha who is manifestation of Lord Datta. In his previous birth, he and another person were born in a village called Mogalicherla, near Kandukur town. They were interested very much in betting. There was a famous ‘self manifested Datta’ temple in that village. This man was born as the brother of the priest in that temple. He used to do the worship in temple when his elder brother was not in the village. In the premises of Datta temple, he used to play betting plays. 

This was a very bad thing. One day he played with his friend with a strange betting rule. If his friend won, he would give him the money promised. If he himself won, his friend should surrender his wife to him. Datta Prabhu was the witness for this. They took oath to that affect and played.

Datta Prabhu was watching those extremely objectionable things that were happening in His presence. Shankar Bhatt won the game. His friend refused to give his wife to him. The quarrel was brought to the elders in the village. The caste elders assembled and decided that it was an unpardonable act that was done in the presence of Datta Prabhu. They ruled ‘As this man tried to possess his friend’s wife in this way, hot oil should be poured on his head. As his friend put his wife as bet in this play, he should be made impotent by cutting of his genital organs. After giving punishment to them, both should be thrown out of that village.’ Then they implemented their resolution. Shankar Bhatt will be reborn and become a devotee because he did Datta worship for some time in his previous birth.

 His friend will be born in Tirupathi in a barber’s house with in the name Subbaiah and with a disturbed mind, he will become mad and after marriage he will run away. As Subbaiah’s wife is innocent, her devotion towards her husband is strong and with that effect, Subbaiah’s disturbed mind will cool down and he will come back one day after hearing this ‘Ramala Sastram’. On that day Shankar Bhatt will be released.

Ramala sastram

‘By the grace of Sripada Srivallabha, the ‘Elinati Sani’ influencing Shankar Bhatt will be over in 7-1/2 days after suffering some physical pains. People who say untruth and resort to ‘adharma’ taking oath in the name of God, will be severely punished by Datta Prabhu. To annul the mind disturbance of Subbaiah, some merit was debited from Shankar Bhatt’s account by Chitra Gupta. Jeevas should understand the truth that the effect of karma will be working subtly and they should do only good acts and avoid doing bad acts. Sripada Srivallabha’s horoscope will come to Peethikapuram by a Jain named Akshay Kumar from Tripura desam some centuries after His avathar ends.’ Before that, a book named Sripada Srivallabha Charithamrutham which tells about the leelas of Srivallabha will come into light.

How can I describe the grace of Sripada Srivallabha? On the next day Subbaiah came to his house. His mind had become quiet and he became healthy. I treated Subbaiah’s wife as my sister. I took leave from Subbaiah’s parents and reached a village named ‘Kanipakam’ in Chittoor mandalam. The Kanipakam village is not far from Chittoor. There are Sri Varadaraja Swami temple, Sri Manikantheswar temple and Sri Varasiddhi Vinayaka temple in that village. 

I had darshan of Varasiddhi Vinayaka and came out. There was a tall dog standing there. I was afraid and went back into the temple. For sometime, I meditated on God and came out. There was one more dog of the same size with that first dog. I was afraid that it was certain that I would be bitten by those ‘Kala Bhiravas’ on that day. Again I went inside the Varasiddhi Vinayak temple. The temple priest saw my strange behavior and asked me, ‘Sir! You are repeatedly going out and coming in. What’s the matter?’ I told him about my fear. 

Then the priest said, ‘they will not harm anyone without reason. They are the dogs that stay with a washerman. That washerman is a Datta devotee. He says that Datta Prabhu has manifested on earth as Sripada Srivallabha. Though there is no restriction for entry of washermen into the temple, he will not come into the temple. He will send his dogs. I will tie swami’s ‘prasad’ in a cloth and give it to them. They take it and give it to the washerman.

 You said you saw two dogs. Only when four dogs come, I will give ‘prasad’. Let us see if the other two dogs also have come.’ When we came out, there were four dogs. The priest gave the bundle of ‘prasad’ to them. Those four dogs surrounded me on my four sides. The priest said, ‘In accordance with the wish of those dogs, you go to that washerman. You will have auspiciousness.’

I learnt that the incidents in my life were happening on the direction of Srivallabha. By the happenings at Subbaiah’s house, I felt that one should not give much importance to the differences in caste and religion. A ‘chandala’ can be born as a Brahmin in the next birth. A Brahmin can be born as ‘chandala’. I learnt that a ‘jeeva’ will be carrying his sins and merits along with him and will be falling in to the stream of karma for endless births.

The talk between Shankar Bhatt and Tirumala Das

As told by the priest I went to the place where that washerman lived. That washerman whose name was Tirumala Das was a seventy year old man. He came out of his hut and with due respect made me sit on a cot. Most of my ego of birth as a Brahmin, perished. All devotees of Sripada Srivallabha appeared to me as my own people. Tirumala Das gave me the ‘prasad’ of Varasiddhi Vinayaka. I took it as the ‘Prasad’ of Sripada Srivallabha and ate it. Tirumala Das started telling me like this.

Manifestation of Ayinavilli Ganapathi as Sripada Srivallabha

“Sir, Today is an auspicious day. I have the fortune of your darshan. I was very much eager when you would come here and when I would be telling you the special incidents that happened in Malyadripuram and Peethikapuram. My Dear! Shankar Bhatt! You ate the ‘prasad’ of Varasiddi

                        Ayinavilli Ganapathi

Vinayaka. You start writing ‘Sripada Srivallabha Charitamrutham’. You will get the blessings of Srivallabha in Kuruvapuram. I was a great Vedic pundit in my previous birth. I was a great miser also. At the time of death I saw one newly born calf of cow eating a small soiled cloth piece and told my sons to take it from the calf and keep it in safe. Because I kept my looks on a soiled cloth at the time of death, I got birth as a washerman. On whatever thing the mind gets concentrated at the time of death, one will get the next birth accordingly. 

Because of the merit in my previous birth I was born in a village called Malyadripuram of Palanadu area in Garthapuri (Guntur) Mandalam. The same Malyadripuram had become Malladi village in due course. There were two houses in that village whose surname was Malladi. One was a great pundit by name Malladi Bapannavadhanulu. He belonged to ‘Harithasa’ gothram. The second one was another great pundit by name Malladi Sridhara Avadhanulu. He belonged to ‘Kousikasa’ gothram.

Sridhara avadhani’s sister Rajamamba was given in marriage to Bapannavadhanulu. Both of them were great pundits. Both came to Ayinavilli village in Godavari Mandalam to perform ‘swarna ganapathi maha yajnam’. Some pundits argued that Ganapati should manifest with golden glow at the end and take the ‘poorna ahuthi’ (the last offering in yajna) with his trunk. Both the great pundits who were performing that Maha Yajna took oath that they would perform the yajna in accordance with Vedic guidelines and they would make Ganapathi manifest. At the end of the ‘yajnam’, Ganapathi manifested Himself with golden glow, took the poorna ahuthi with his trunk, and promised that he would be soon born as Sripada Srivallabha with all kalaas on the day of Ganesh Chaturdhi. Everybody who attended the ‘yajnam’, was stunned. There were three atheists in the crowd. They said that whatever appeared was only a great magic but it was not Ganapthi. If He was Ganapathi, He should give darshan again.

The greatness of Kanipakam Vinayaka

Then the homa bhasmam in the Homagundam took the form of a man. Then it changed into the form of Maha Ganapathi. That Mana Ganapathi form said, ‘Fools! Siva before killing Tripurasura, Vishnu Murthi before conquering Bali Chakravarthi, Parvathi Devi before killing Mahisasura, Adi Sesha before bearing the weight of earth, Sidda Munis before getting all Siddhis, Manmadha for the purpose of conquering the whole world, and Gods to fulfill their desires, worshipped me. I am the one source of all powers. I am the most powerful. All the powers of Gods and demons are in me. I am the one who creates all obstacles. I am the one who removes all obstacles. Who do you think Dattatreya is? He is the Dharma Sasta, the son of Hari and Hara. 

That was the Datta form where Brahma and Rudra merged in Vishnu. Ganapathi and Shanmukha also merged in the Dharma Sasta form. Know that Datta is all the three murthis merged. As an indication that Mahaganapathi is there in Sripada Srivallabha, He will be born on the day of Ganesh Chaturdhi. Because of the Subrahmanya tatwam, know that His manifestation is ‘Jnanaavatharam’. Because of Dharma Sasta

tatwam, know that it is the beginning and source of all righteous acts. His manifestation will not be the result of union of mother and father. Jyothi will take the form of a man.

Now I am giving you a curse. Even though you have seen the truth, you lied. So one of you will be born as a blind person. Instead of praising the truth with words, you rediculed it. So another one of you will be born as a dumb fellow. Even though many truthful people were talking about ‘truth’, you did not hear it. So the third one will be born as a deaf person. All three of you will be born as brothers and after seeing my ‘Swayambhu Murthi’, you become sinless.’

‘My Dear! Those three people were born in Kanipuram as brothers. Many misfortunes will come, if one scolds Trimurthis and Sri Datta who is embodiment of Thrimurthis. Those three  brothers were tilling the soil bought with a ‘kani’ (a denomination of currency equal to 1/64th part of a rupee). In that field, there was a stepped well. They used to draw water from the well with the help of a lever and a bucket attached to it and wet the fields. One year there was a severe draught. The ground water receded. One day when the whole water was exhausted, they started digging the soil with a spade. The spade hit a stone under the water and blood spilled. When his hand touched the blood, the dumb fellow started talking. Water was filling the well as usual. With the touch of water the sin of the deaf person vanished and he started hearing. The third person who was blind touched the stone under the water and he gained his vision. That stone was the “Murthi of Swayambhu Vinayaka”. Because the spade hit the stone idol, blood started coming from the place of dent in the idol.

To install Varasiddhi Vinayaka, Bapannavadhanulu also known as ‘Satya Risheeswara’ and his brother-in-law Sridhara Avadhanulu came to this village. Varasiddhi Vinayaka told them, ‘I have come from Maha Bhumi into this world. I have manifested in ‘Pridhwi Tatwam’ (earth). This ‘Tatwam’ will have many changes in course of time. My manifestation in Jala Tatwam (water), Agni Tatwam (fire), Vayu Tatwam (air), and Akasa Tatwam (sky) had already come previously. The homa bhasmam from the maha yajnam which you did in ‘Ayinavilli’ has taken this form. I am telling you what is to be done next. The ‘Kalaas’ in Srisailam have been reduced. You have to do the ‘Shaktipaatham’ from the ‘Tejas’ present in Surya Mandalam. At the same time, because of my special grace, Shaktipaatham will be done in Kasi, Badri and Kedaram also. The time is nearing for the manifestation of Sripada Srivallabha. Sridhara! I am changing your surname as ‘Sripada’. Your descendents belonging to ‘Kousikasa’ gothram will be known with ‘Sripada’ surname.’

The washerman Tirumala Das told Shankar Bhatt! ‘My Dear! Shankar! Bapannavadhanulu and Sridhara Avadhanulu migrated from Malyadripuram to Peethikapuram. I had seen Sripada Srivallabha childhood leelas in plenty. Tomorrow I will tell you all of them in detail. I had a son from my first wife. He is Ravidas and lives in Kuruvapuram only. He is serving Sripada appropriately. On

the orders of Sripada, I remained in Kanipuram with my second wife and children and am living by doing my caste vocation.

“You will meet many great people in Sri Peethikapuram. You will know many great things, if you meet Venkatappayya Shreshti, a great vysya. Sripada used to call him in a different name Venkayyappa Shreshti. Sripada’s benediction hand protects the family of Shreshti. You also meet Narasimha Varma with surname Vatsavayi. He has a great attachment to Sripada. Sricharana will bless the ‘Sripada Srivallabha Charithra’ that you will write. Except the book you write, none other thing will tell Sripada’s story comprehensively. This is the order of Sricharana.”

End of Chapter 5 Victory to Sripada Srivallabha

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