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       Unknown and interesting facts about Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva deals with the cosmos, meditates most of the time, likes to mind his own business, has a crazy mix of anger and calm, and is someone whose stories have managed to appeal to every generation of people. 

Here are some  interesting facts about lord Shiva

 Lord Shiva punished one crore Gods and Goddesses for not waking up on time and turned them into stone images
As per Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva was on his way to Kashi along with one crore gods and goddesses. He asked all of them to wake up before sunrise the following day, before taking a night's rest in Unakoti, Tripura. But in the morning, no one except Shiva woke up. This made him furious and he set out for Kashi on his own, cursing the others to become stone images

 Lord Shiva calmly trapped Ganga back in his hair because of her arrogance. He let her out but in small streams
As it goes, Bhagiratha asked Brahma to bring the river Ganges down to earth so that he could perform a ceremony for his ancestors. Brahma asked Bhagiratha to propitiate Lord Shiva, for only Shiva could break Ganga's landfall. Ganga arrogantly flew down to earth but Shiva calmly trapped her back in his hair and let her out in small streams. It is said, the touch of Shiva further sanctified Ganga.

Shiva was attracted to Vishnu's female form, Mohini, as a result of which Ayyappa was born

In the Bhagavata Purana, after Vishnu deceived the demons in his female form, Shiva wanted to see the bewildering Mohini again. When Vishnu agreed and revealed his Mohini form, Shiva got lured by Mohini, while the abandoned wife Parvati looked on. Shiva is overcome by Kama (love and desire). His 'unfailing' seed escaped and fell on the ground. From these seeds of Shiva, Ayyappa was born.

According to a Hindu legend, Shiva explained the secret of life and eternity in the Amarnath Cave to Parvati
It is believed, this is the cave where Shiva explained the secret of life and eternity to his divine consort, Parvati. Every year, followers and devotees of Lord Shiva pay their visit to the famous Amarnath cave. The cave also houses an ice stalagmite Lingam

Shiva has a blue throat because he drank Halahala poison during the churning of the milky ocean. 

The Devas and Asuras started churning the milky ocean in order to obtain Amrit. In the process, they found a fatal poison - the Halahala poison, that had to be sucked out of the ocean. Without thinking of the consequences, Shiva drank all the poison and Parvati pressed his throat in order to stop the poison from spreading to other parts of his body - which is the reason behind his blue throat

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Unknown and interesting facts about Lord Shiva | sripada.co
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