Sripada Srivallabha Charitamrutam English Chapter - 4 |

     Sripada Srivallabha Charitamrutam Chapter - 4

           Darshan of Vasavambika to Palani Swami in Kuruvapuram

According to the orders of Palaniswami, all three of us decided to do ‘dhyana’. Palaniswami said, “My Dear Madhav! My Dear Shankar! All three of us will go into ‘dhyana’. Later we will discuss about the dhyana experiences. As this is the order of Sripada Srivallabha, we will definitely have the experience of some spiritual turning point in future.

Sripada srivallabha charitamrutam Chapter  - 4
Palani swamy, shankar Butt 

 In future, the Christian calender will be in use. According to Christian calender, today is 25-5-1336, Friday. This is a great day with complete auspicious good fortune. This day is very important in our life. I will keep my gross body here and go to Kuruvapuram with subtle body. It is a childhood play for me to roam at four or five different places at the same time with my subtle body. Let us be all in ‘dhyana’ contemplating on Sripada Srivallabha. Once I receive His permission, I will go to Kuruvapuram with my subtle body.”

The way of receiving Swami’s Grace

After hearing Panaliswami’s words, I felt strange and asked, ‘Swami, Madhav had seen the divine auspicious form of Sripada Srivallabha. You always have contact with Him in subtle planes. But I know His name only but have not seen His form. How can I contemplate on Him?’ Palaniswami replied, ‘My Dear! If one has devotion in Sripada every thing will be accomplished. The tortoise will protect its offspring with the vibrations of its thoughts, however far it may be from it. The cat will shift its offspring from one house to the other holding in its month. It keeps them in a place which it thinks is the safest. 
sripada srivallabha
Sripada Srivallabha Swamy 

Similarly Sripada will rule His devotees with the ‘Tortoise-offspring’ justice. After advancing to some extent, He will rule them with ‘cat-offspring’ justice. Later they will be ruled with ‘monkey-offspring’ justice initially. Here there is the necessity of the offspring to hold on to its mother with effort. After some more advancement, the devotees behave like the small fish which roam freely behind their mother wherever it goes. When you sit for ‘dhyana’, He Himself will give you the fortune of His darshan. Srivallabha decided on a very important matter related to the future on this great day and asked me to come to Kuruvapuram in subtle form.
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 I will go to Kuruvapuram the moment when I get His order. Some great event is going to happen there. Sri Datta Prabhu gave me the great opportunity to witness that. Saying so, he got immersed in ‘dhyana’. Then myself and Madhav also went into ‘dhyana’.

sripada srivallabha
Palani swamy in Dyanam with sishya

The dhyana went on for ten hours. All of us strangely became conscious of external surroundings at the same time. After dhyana, Palani Swami looked very much happy. Myself and Madhav prayed him to tell us his ‘dhyana experience’. Smiling, he said like this.
Siva Sharma’s Story – The result of thinking of Sripada Srivallabha

“How much fortunate are the people in this kali yugam? The village Kuruvapuram is a small one. Even then, noticing the greatness of Sripada one pious Brahmin and Veda Pundit by name Siva Sarma was living with his wife Ambika in Kuruvapuram only. Theirs was the only Brahmin family in Kuruvapuram. Every day he used to cross the river from the island, earn money by doing things suitable for Brahmins and come back to Kuruvapuram. He was from the ‘kasyapa’ lineage (gothra). He was a great scholar and an austere Brahmin and followed Yajurveda.

 Siva Sharma’s children used to die immediately after birth. At last, one son survived. Unfortunately he became a dull headed person with poor intellect. Siva Sharma became emaciated thinking of that useless child. One day in the presence of Srivallabha he chanted Veda and stood there silently. Sri Swami noticing the cause for his sorrow, smiled and said, ‘Siva Sharma! Forgetting other things, if anybody contemplates on me, I will become his servant. Tell me if you have any desire. Siva Sharma said, ‘Swami, My son became a dull headed person. Being omnipotent, it is not difficult for you to make him a pundit and a useful person. Then it is your wish.‘

Sripada said, ‘My Dear! Nobody can escape the fruits of his past deeds. The whole creation is running in accordance with an insurmountable law. A woman will get a husband as the fruit of her worship. She gets children as a fruit of ‘donation’. Always donation should be given to an eligible person. By donating to unsuitable people one will get bad results. If a person with a good nature is given food, part of the merit coming from his good deeds will go to the person giving food. If a person with a bad nature is given food, a part of the sin coming from his bad deeds will go to the person giving food. While donating, one should not have any ego.

 Then only it gives good results. As a result of your deeds in the past birth, you had a dull headed son. You, wife and husband asked for a son having full life term and not one having a short span of life. To make him a suitable scholar by destroying his previous life sins, you will have to sacrifice your life according to the rule of karma. Then I will make him a worthy scholar.’ Siva Sharma said, ‘Swami, I have entered the old age. I am ready to sacrifice my life. What else do I want if my son becomes a pundit like Brihaspathi and an orator’? Then the omnipotent Sricharana told him. You will die soon. After death, you will go with subtle body to Dheesila Nagaram and stay in ‘tapas’ in the underground cave at the foot of Neem tree for some time. After that, you will be born in meritorious Maratha land. Do not let your wife know all this’.

Revealing of Sripada Srivallabha’s future birth

Siva Sharma died soon. Ambika used to beg along with his son and live. There was no dearth of ridicule from the neighbours. That useless Brahmin boy could not tolerate the insults and started running towards the river to commit suicide. His helpless mother also ran behind him to commit suicide. As a fruit of their previous birth’s merit, Sripada appeared to them on the way and saved them from committing suicide. By mere will, He made that foolish boy a great scholar. He told

Ambika to spend the rest of her life in ‘Siva’ worship. He told her the result of doing Siva worship in the pradosha time (at the time of sunset) on Saturdays. He gave her a boon that she would have a child equal to Him in her next birth. As there was no one who was equal to Him, He decided to take birth as their son. My Dear! This Sri Charana’s wonderful leela happened in my presence on 25-5- 1336 Friday.
Vasavi’s manifestation and Her Story
shiva pooja
Siva pooja

Fortunately, I took to bath in Krishna River along with Sripada Prabhu. After bath, Sripada created ‘yogagni’ with his Atma shakthi. In that yogagni, Kanyakamba manifested with a wonderful Agni like complexion. For many days I tried to have darshan of Vasavi Kanyakamba, the sister of Sripada Srivallabha. But for some unknown reason, she was not giving me darshan. I prostrated myself at the feat of Amika. A smiling Srivallabha was looking very pleased. Sri Vasavi matha resembled exactly Srivallabha. Anyone who sees them will think that they both are twins.

‘In that great ‘kshetra’ (a sacred place) of Kuruvapuram, Sripada, Vasavee matha and myself were there. Srivallabha’s ‘yoga leelas’ are endless. I was wondering in my mind where the Dhee Sila Nagaram was and how it was possible for the dead Siva Sharma to do ‘Tapas’ with only subtle body. Srivallabha said, “There is no limit for ‘Yoga Shakti’. The yogic paths of Datta Prabhu are very strange, ever new, unheard of before and unthinkable.’
sripada srivallabha charitamrutam
Sripada Srivallabha Charitra

After some time, a couple manifested with divine glow from that ‘yogagni’. Sri Vallabha told me that they were the father and mother of Sri Vasavi matha named Kusuma Shreshti and Kousumbi. Sri Vasavi matha was in dhyana mudra for some time. From the yogagni generated by Sripada Srivallabha, Sri Nagareswara Swami manifested. After that, the brother of Sri Vasavi matha ‘Viroopaksha’ and the ‘Gomathas’ belonging to 102 Gothras, who did ‘agni pravesham’, emerged from yogagni. Srivallabha said pleasingly, ‘Viroopaksha was born with the ‘amsa’ of Nandeeswar and I put my ‘amsa’ also in him.

‘My maternal grandfather Sri Bapannavadhanulu, who invoked the power from ‘surya mandalam’ into the Srisaila Mallikharjuna Lingam, lived in his previous birth in Brihat sila Nagaram as Raja guru with the name of ‘Bhaskara’. He was born as ‘amsa’ of Brahmadeva. On the day of pournima (full moon day) in the month of Shravan, I will definitely come to Brihat sila Nagaram. My sister Sri Vasavi Kanyakamba will tie ‘Rakhee’ to my hand. 
Vasavi tied Rakhi to sripada srivallabha

My Dear Palani! My deeds, plays and great events cannot be done by anybody. Nobody can imitate them. Nobody can get My power. As the fruit of your intense penance, you could have the darshan of siddha vysyas, Vasavi matha and our parents Kusuma Shreshti and Kousumbi. Now this Kuruvapuram is going to become a big  palace, Look!’

Wonderful! Surprising! A great King’s palace was created by mere will. We were all seated in simhasanas studded with diamonds.
Sri Charana said, ‘Gomathas belong to 714 gothras. The couple who entered ‘agni’ along with Ambika belonged to 102 gothras only, In the times of Swarochisha Manu, there were 18 towns devoted to Lord Eswar, the most important one being Brihit Sila Nagaram. If anyone of you who are devotees of Datta, has darshan of Ambika, Nagareswar and other Gods in Brihat Sila Nagaram, you will get special merit. Wherever Datta’s name is chanted, Vasavee Matha will live there incongnito. She will fulfill the desires. 

Wherever Vasavee Kanyakamba’s name is remembered, there Datta will live incognito. With small effort great merit is granted. In Kruta Yugam, people were following truth and were siddhas. In Treta Yugam sacrifies like yajnas and yagas were in vogue. In Dwapara  yugam, Mantra shastram was prevalent. In this Kali yugam, Tantra shastram is given special importance ‘Tantram’ means spreading the chaitanyam (dynamism). The root cause of this entire creation is My self. All the thirty three crore Gods, all the living beings, and endless crores of worlds are within Me and because of Myself they become dynamic and because of My presence, will have different kinds of powers. The ultimate refuge of all the rivers is the ocean. Whichever God is worshipped, the worship reaches Me.

 If I am worshipped, one will get the fruit of worshipping all Gods. The worlds which manifest coming out of My ‘Parabrahma’ tatwam, are My images only. The thing, coming out of My ‘Parabrahma tatwam’ as universe, is My image only. There is no difference between me and my image. The thing in the form of Adi Parashakti is Myself only. The ‘Paratatwam’ is beyond the male/female forms. When I am in the form of man, I am called Datta. When I am in the form of woman, I am called ‘Adi Para Shakti’. That is why the Vedic scholars said, ‘Srikrishna Syamala Devi and Sri Ramo Lalithambika’. The rays emanating from My gross form will make sacred the places where I move. My subtle body will be pervading the whole earth. My casual body will be pervading crores and crores of universes. My Maha casual body is in the form of ‘Sat-Chit-Ananda’. It remains in rest immersed in ‘Brahmananda’. In all these four states, My consciousness works at the same time. 
No one can get Me through any type of Japa and Tapa or Yogic practices or any  other method. One can get Me only through My special grace. Those sacred people also, who had merged in me, will have to take birth with gross bodies on different occasions according to My will and perform My tasks.
The Nature of Parabrahma

Anagha Laxmi, who is the combined form of three Shakti’s (Maha Kaali, Maha Lakshmi, and Maha Saraswathi) is My ‘shakti’ form. She is in the left half of My body. And in the right half of My body, My Trimurthi form is there, which is the combined form of the three ‘gunas’ (qualities). All this creation is present inside Me. Creation, protection, amalgamation, retreat and gracefulness all keep happening relentlessly. Every particle is the solidified form of letters. All the letters have vibrations

and they are all ‘mantras’. This form of ‘sound’, which has vibration, is the form of Maha Saraswathi. The power solidified is the form of Maha Lakshmi. The power embedded in that is the form of Maha Kali. If I am ‘Shakti’ (power) now, I will be the ‘Shakta’ (the bearer of Shakti) the next moment. Jaganmatha is the symbol of endless compassion and Jagatpitha is the symbol of divine justice  which is very hard. My fatherly form decides and strictly implements the inevitable consequences of ‘karmas’. 

My motherly form will show compassion and pity on devotees who have surrendered to me. Even if the child does a great mistake, mother takes it as a small one. Even if a small good deed is done, mother will give great fruit in return. Learn that I am the father, mother and guru for all this creation. I decided to remove the doubt lingering in your mind. You are doubting, how Vasavi has become My sister. Previously when I was born to Atri and Anasuya, while Anasuya was swinging me in the swing, she thought, “all are male children only. Not even one girl child was born with the cute features of Datta.’ As she was a great ‘pathi vratha’ (one who follows her husband by mind, word and deed) and her desire was very intense, it materialized immediately. When the swing moved to one side, the form of Datta was seen and when the swing returned, the form of Vasavi was seen by her. While she was wondering whether it was a dream or Vaishnava maya, Atri Maharshi came and said, “Anasuya! After doing hard ‘Tapas’ to know the real form which was the source of Thri Murthis with the three qualities, we could have Datta as our child. I realized that this was the ‘Guru’ form which was the source of the three Murthis.
Lord Dattatreya

 This indeed is the form of ‘Srimannarayana’. When the same form takes the female form, it becomes ‘Kanyaka’ form which is Adiparashakti. They both had been brother and sister from the beginning of creation.” Oh! What a wonder? Then he was immersed in dhyana and saw my form as the ‘concentrated consciousness’. He also saw that was the form of Ambika also. He also understood that, it was decided by me that before manifesting as Sripada Srivallabha, I should come as ‘yoga maya’ and take the form of Vasavi Kanyaka. 

On the request of Atri and Anasuya, our forms got separated and Ambika tied ‘Rakhee’ to me. The form which was born as Datta to Atri and Anasuya is the same Sripada Srivallabha in Kali Yugam. This form, existing before the manifestation of all the other forms of Datta, will be hidden. The form of Adipara Shakti existing before all her other manifestations, is the same as Vasavi Kanyakamba form. So that form also is hidden in ‘Agnitatwam’. The dharma of man and the dharma of God are different. To see this auspicious form of Ambika, one should earn great (maha) merit. 

There is a reason to call all of you here today. My form, being endless supreme consciousness is not bound in any form or name. I decided to stay in a still form like the limitless dynamic ocean having no waves. There is no difference to me whether I am in a form or without form. So, I decided to hide this form today itself. Amma! Vasavee! Let me know your wish and opinion.’ I felt unhappy to see Sripada’s form being hidden so early. Vasavee Matha in the divine auspicious form looked at Srivallabha with praying looks and said, “My most revered brother! As there is no difference in being formless or with dynamic vibrant form, you remain in this Sripada Srivallabha form for some more time and then you

can hide it. Have mercy on real sadhakas so that they will be able to see this divine auspicious form. Without having differences between places and times, keep this form hidden from the gross looks. If you want to take avathar again you can take a new form and body. In that case, if you wish, you can show grace on your devotees from samadhi when that body rests in samadhi.’ For that Sripada replied like this.
The decision to take birth as Nrisimha Saraswathi

“Oh! Vasavambica! The embodiment of all auspicious qualities! Let your desire become true. I will remain in this Sripada Srivallabha form for 14 more years i.e. when this body comes to 30 years of age and then I will hide this form. Again, to uplift the ‘Sanyasa dharma’, I will take the name of Nrisimha Saraswathi and be in that avathar upto 80 years of age. Later I will be in ‘Taponishta’ in ‘kadalivanam’ for three hundred years and manifest in ‘prajna puram’ with the name of ‘Swami Samardha’ and end my avathar. I will make people follow the righteous path by showing leelas and mahimas (great acts) in the form of Avadhootas and sidha purushas with my divine ‘kalaas’.”
Naming of a foreigner by Swami and His grace on him

After remaining in dhyana for some moments, He called Virupaksha and said “My Dear ! Virupaksha! One white man from Germany reached Kurungadda overcoming many difficulties for my darshan. This golden divine palace cannot be seen by others. So he is searching for me. You go and bring him here.” I wondered how a white man could come to this difficult place. Virupaksha brought that white man. He became extremely happy with the darshan of Sripada Srivallabha. He held Sricharana’s feet and cried heavily. Sripada lifted him up. 

The nectar of grace was showering from His eyes. Sricharana’s form had in it the limitless power and limitless love. His heart had the love of one crore mothers. Srivallabha addressed him as ‘John’. He looked into John’s eyes with piercing looks. It appeared that He was giving him initiation through eyes. After sometime, He touched  John’s forehead between the eye brows. With that sacred touch, he had a divine ecstatic pleasure. 

Then Swami told all those present there to look into the sky. In the sky one big number appeared with divine glow in ‘Dev Nagara’ type. He said that it was the ‘Jnana Number’ of Sri Chitra Gupta. Sri Charana said that the number would become most important in the future centuries. The number is 170141183460469231731687303715884105727. Sripada said ‘This is the number of the universe. 

The meaning and the inner meaning of this number will be understood by people who try to understand the nature of ‘padartha’ (the matter) according to the levels of their intellectual state.’
Sripada was talking in Telugu. But John understood it. John was questioning in German language. Sripada was answering him in Telugu. What a wonderful thing! In the vicinity of Sripada, every moment was filled with His ‘leelas’ and ‘mahimas’.

All the knowledge and scholarship are at the feet of Sricharana. Sricharana said “when I was speaking in ‘Trilinga language’ (telugu), John understood it in ‘German language’. Each word I spoke was being translated into German and John was able to hear. There is nothing which I cannot do for the sake of my devotees. 

There is nothing, which I cannot lift or there is no problem which I cannot solve for them. People, who believe me by mind, action and speech, leaving all other dharmas behind, are really blessed people. When my grace is flowing on you, all the other Shaktis in this nature give positive auspicious vibrations. You can take it as my promise.

 There is nothing which I cannot get in all these fourteen ‘Bhuvanas’. Even if you are following your own righteous path, if you remember My name, I will protect you like the eye lid to the eye. I am the embodiment of love. You will know Me through love only.
The star Dhruva is important for the constellation of sapta rishis. Leant how Dhruva got Dhruva ‘padam’ (position). He did ‘Tapas’ for Srimannarayana with a wish to sit in his father’s lap. After having darshan of Srimannarayana, he lost the desire to sit in the lap of his mortal father. Srimannarayana gave him the place of ‘Dhruva Padam’. He also made him sit in His lap. Jagat Prabhu (The Lord of Universe) graced him by giving His lap to sit when the child actually desired deeply to sit in his mortal father’s lap.
In Kaliyugam, Dhruva is Yesu Prabhu

In Kaliyugam, Dhruva took birth as ‘Yesu Prabhu’. He believed that God was his father. I will grace you in the same thought in which you worship me. Sri Vasavi Kanyakamba gave Her power to ‘Marie’ the ‘sacred soul’ (pavitra atma). Dhruva was born as ‘Yesu prabhu’ to ‘Marie’ even when she was a virgin. Jesus Christ was not born by the union of father and mother. Learn that Jesus Christ called Srimannarayana only as his father repeatedly. 
                                           Jesus Christ

Srimannarayana is none other than Sripada Srivallabha, who is present in front of you. Oh! Siddha Vysya Munis! Chant the Vedas in the presence of My sister Vasavambika. With the sound of your sacred chanting of Vedas, the result of bad deeds of people in the coming centuries can be destroyed. Sri Nagareswara, along with Vasavambika likes the chanting of Vedas very much. The white man, who is in our presence by chance, will be born in the next birth in the house of good Brahmins, who are Veda scholars in Himalaya region. He becomes a yogi and reach ‘Shambala’ village. You drive away the evil powers present in the polluted air with the sound of sacred Vedas.” Thus Sripada told them.

Siddha Vysya Munis’ ‘veda ghosha’ was completed. Sri Vasavi Kanyakambica, Sri Nagareswara, Virupaksha, the Kusuma Shreshti couple and Siddha Vysya Munis entered the ‘agni’ and disappeared. Sripada Vallabha blessed John. John said, ‘It is good to have a book on Sricharana’s life history’. Swami said, “In the coming centuries in accordance with your wish, ‘Sripada Srivallabha Charitamrutham’ will come in German language also.” He assured John and sent

him. He ordered me to enter the gross body again. Saying so, He went to take bath in ‘prayag’ confluence of waters. He disappeared.
‘My Dear! Today i.e. 25-5-1336 Friday, is a sacred day. Shankar! Tell me the experience you had in Dhyana’.
The speciality of Shiridi Saibaba’s manifestation

I said, ‘Oh! Most respected Swami! When I was meditating I saw a sanyasi (monk) in the attire of a Muslim. He was often uttering ‘Allah Malik’. He was sitting under a neem tree. He must be of 16 years age. He told an old person who came for his darshan, ‘I am a Nanak Pandhee Musalman’. To a different person, he said, ‘I am a good Brahmin born in Bharadwaj Gothra.’ 

He told another person, ‘This is my ‘Gurusthan’ and people who worship here on Thursdays and Fridays will get good luck.’ Swami! Throughout my meditation, I had the darshan of that young sanyasi only. I did not get the darshan of Sripada Srivallabha. Some people came and started digging at a place under the neem tree where that young sanyasi sat. There was a small cave inside. Inside that, four lamps were glowing intensely on the four sides. After some time, that young sanyasi came there,  got the cave opening closed and said, ‘This is my Gurusthan. Nobody should open it.’ Swami! I did not understand the wish of Srivallabha in granting me this type of darshan in meditation.
The Story of Yavanas

Palani Swami said, ‘My Dear disciples! The nature of Srivallabha cannot be imagined. One cannot say that his ‘leelas’ (plays) will be like this or like that. His wish is to coordinate all the dharmas and traditions in the world and merge them in sanatana dharma. He only will establish the sanathana dharma in the whole universe at the end of ‘Kaliyugam’. Sricharana told John, ‘Yahova’ means ‘I am’. That is the form of Parabrahma.

 All the consciousness reflecting in the universe is the consciousness of Jesus Christ who is popular as the son of ‘God’. The consciousness purified is the same as sacred flowing grace which gives peace and happiness. All those three forms are mine. As a result of your pure love you could get my darshan which is very difficult to get otherwise.’ Similarly the ‘Yavana Dharma’ also is an inherent part of Datta Tatwam. A mahatma by name ‘Maha Mathi’ was a devotee of formless Makkheswar. 

He used to call God as ‘Allah’. He saw all the seven heavens. He wanted to see ‘Allah’. But he saw only his reflection. The yavana sanyasi you saw was a Brahmin who was born in Bharadwaja gothra. He lost his parents in child hood. He was brought up by a Muslim phakir and learnt Muslim dharmas. He learnt Hindu dharmas by staying with a Hindu Mahatma. He learnt ‘kriya yogam’ from a great yogi in Varanasi. He met a Datta avadhoota and asked for silver coins. As his ‘tin’ was not filling, that Avadhuta put two ‘khajur fruits’ in it. Then he was satisfied. With that the chaitanyam of Datta flowed into him. Later, he came to Dhee Silanagaram. 
                                   Dhee Silanagaram. 

That was a small village present in a forest area. When it was a thick forest, Sripada Srivallabha sat on a stone there and meditated. If anyone does meditation sitting on it, he would get

wonderful results. In the underground house you saw under the neem tree, Sripada Srivallabha did ‘tapas’ for 12 years. During those twelve years, he got the power of tapas of 12,000 years. Srivallabha’s body got transformed into a 12 thousand years old one. The whole cave was occupied by his jatajutam (hair). His eyebrows also became thick. To see his eyes, one should lift the eye brows with difficulty. Sri Charana gave that fruit of ‘tapas’ to that young sanyasi. 

When that young monk was about 4 years old, Sricharana started ‘tapas’ in that cave in his hidden form. When that sanyasi became 16 years old, He completed twelve years of Tapas. My Dear! These incidents which I am telling are going to happen in the coming centuries. They are not the present incidents. Sripada will manifest with the name of Narasimha Saraswathi and will be there for 80 years with that name and form. Later he will be in ‘taponishta’ incognito in kadalivanam for 300 years. Later he will take the name of Swami Samardha in ‘Prajna puram’, and merge in the Mallikarjuna Lingam in Srisailam. But the ‘yavana’ (Muslim) sanyasi whom you saw will also be in an old aged form. He will put His chaitanyam in the sanyasi and make him equal to Him.
‘My Dear Shankar! Sripada Vallabha did intense penance (tapas) for 12 years in the middle of those four ‘Nanda deepams’. He divided the whole universe into 16 parts and showed the four parts of Brahman like this. As symbols of the four parts of Brahman, he lighted those four Nanda deepams with His Yogagni, and he remained in ‘tapas’. The sides East, West, South and North are the ‘kalaas’ of the first part. People who worship them will get divine glow.

 The ‘kalaas’ in the second part are Earth, Space, Sky, and Ocean. Those who worship them will become ‘endless’ (ananta) and conquer the worlds. The ‘kalaas’ in the third part of Brahman are Fire, Sun, Moon and Electricity. Those who workship them will become lustrous and conquer worlds. The kalaas in the fourth part are life, eye, ear and mind. Those who worship them will become established in them. Moreover, one gets ‘jnana’ if the north side is conquered. If the south is conquered, he will not have problems from ‘bhoota, preta and pisachams’. 

If East is conquered, one gets wealth, and if West is conquered, the king becomes favourable. If one conquers all the four sides, he will get ‘Digvijayam’. Sripada Vallabha  has the ‘sides’ as clothes. He has spread to the endlessness of all the sides. So He is called ‘Digambara’. Sri Datta Digambara is the same as Sripada Srivallabha Digambara. From the gross, subtle and casual bodies of Sri Charana, thousands of rays and kalaas will be emanating. Some rays come as amsa avathars (partial manifestations). After completing the tasks given to them, they will be merging into the root chaitanyam (consciousness) of Sripada Srivallabha. He would do creation, protection, annihilation, retrogression and graceful acts simultaneously. The vibrations seen in the creation of worlds are called ‘Srishti Tatwam’. Their preservation and protection is called ‘sthithi tatwam’. Their annihilation is called ‘Laya Tatwam’. The reaching of those vibrations into the parent root ‘tatwam’ is called ‘tiro dhanam’ (retrogression). The vibrations related to compassion and pity on the ‘jeevas’ are called ‘anugraham’ (graceful act).

‘As the ‘yugas’ change, the people become less and less powerful. So the ‘Para tatwam’ (Supreme Being) on the request of rishis come down to the lower levels. The prabhu manifesting with a human body is indication of His complete grace. As a result of the Prabhu Tatwam coming down to a lower level, people can get highest benefit out of small acts. So the people in ‘Kaliyugam’ are blessed. By merely remembering Datta Prabhu, His grace will be obtained. There are many ways by which a man can degenerate, but there are double as many opportunities to get Sricharana’s grace.

 This is the hard truth. By doing acts like ‘smarana’ (remembering) and ‘archana’ (worshipping), one gets close to Sripada Prabhu. With this, the sinful acts, the undesirable tendencies, and samskaras of the devotees will enter the ‘chaitanyam’ of Sripada Prabhu and from Him, auspicious beneficial vibrations will enter the devotees.

‘Sricharana will annihilate the collective sins and black glows reaching His ‘Chaitanyam’, with one dip in a holy river or he may burn them to ashes in His ‘yogagni’. He Himself does penance and will transfer the fruit of penance to His devotees. In this way, He protects the devotees without transgressing the rule of ‘karma’. If He thinks it necessary, he will over rule the ‘karma tatwam’ which is static (jadam) and grant liberation to his devotees. Every moment, he does the destruction of karma in a huge way for the sake of His devotees.”

After Palani Swami said all this, I dared to ask this question revealing the doubt in my mind, ‘Swami! I heard that when Elinati Sani (the influence of planet Saturn) was possessing, even Lord Shankar could not escape it. I pray you to reveal to me how ‘Sri Guru Sarvabhouma’ will drive away the difficulties related to planets.’

Palani Swami said, ‘My Dear! The planets in the solar orbit will not have friendship or enemity against the ‘jeevas’. Man takes birth in accordance with his ‘prarabda karma’ when the planets are in a particular position. He will get auspicious or inauspicious vibrations from the planets according to their movements. When the subtle rays coming from the planets are inauspicious, one can resort to ‘Mantra’, ‘Tantra’ and ‘Yantras’ to ward off their evil effects. If they do not show any result, one should do ‘japam, tapam and homam’. 

If they also do not give relief, only the ‘Guru Padukas’ are the refuge. Sricharana is omnipotent. There are two types of powers good and bad. The vibrations from those powers would be auspicious and inauspicious respectively. Every planet has got authority on some special parts in the man’s body. When planetary difficulties happen, the parts in the body on which they have authority will become ill. 

While receiving those subtle vibrations flowing from the ‘viswa chaitanyam’, untoward results occur. Differences will happen in attractions and repulsions caused by the vibrations. A person, who was having good friends so far, will go for bad company, live with dirty people, have baseless quarrels, lose relatives, quarrel with family members and lose the capacity of attracting people. The vibrations caused by the

universal powers will be continuously created. They work on the respective persons. This is ‘Stithi’ (the maintenance and protection of creation). Time is the form of power. After sometime, those vibrations leave that person and reach the body of another person who is supposed to be influenced in accordance with fate. It again gives results in accordance with ‘kaala chakra’. If men have devotion towards God and do ‘japam, tapam’ their intensity will come down to a certain extent. Maharshis do different types of yajnas (sacrifices) praying for the welfare of the universe. They transfer the fruit of those sacrifices. With this act, the undesirable vibrations originating in the universe, will go back to where they have originated instead of teasing one man after the other. That means they reach the root point of origin. This is called ‘Tirodhanam’ (retrogression). 

By doing a small good act, one may get a great good result. This is called ‘Anugraham’ i.e. grace. My Dear! According to the philosophy of ‘kriya yoga’ , I explained to you the Srishti, Stithi, Laya, Tirodhanam and Anugraham. In future, Sripada Srivallabha’s power will be flowing specially in the Muslim sadhu you saw in meditation. You could see the four ‘Nanda Deepams’ present in the underground cave under the neem tree. This is not an ordinary thing. Sripada Srivallabha gave this experience to you keeping some great aim in mind. He only knows the inner meaning of it. His ‘leelas’ are great and have highly secretive purpose.

 Moreover they should not be revealed to others. They could be divine secrets. I can explain to you only as much as permitted. All this creation behaves under the glances of Sripada Srivallabha. He is the authority for Himself He is the standard for Himself. The forms, expressions and yoga siddhis of universal authority cannot be surpassed. They can not be understood by quantifications or limitations.’

My mind became extremely happy by Sri Palani Swami’s explanations. From the time I started from Udupi for Kuruvapuram, many strange and unexplained incidents were happening. I decided in my mind that I should write a book narrating all these incidents and for that I had to take permission of ‘Sri Guru Sarvabhowma’. I had decided that I would request Sripada Srivallabha in this context when I had His Darshan. Palani Swami easily understood the feelings in my mind and said ‘I understand your feelings. 

You want to write His history for the sake of His devotees in future. Srivallabha will certainly bless your endeavour.’ Then Sri Palaniswami asked Madhav to tell his dhyana experience.
Madhav said, ‘Mahatma! I saw in my ‘dhyana’ one Brahmin sanyasi wearing a ‘koupeenam’. He used to worship Agni and Sun. He was talking to a veda pundit. ‘I want to send this coconut you gave me to the Muslim Phakir. That Muslim Phakir is in a higher state than me.

 He is like an elder brother to me. He is a knower of past, present and future (Trikaala vedi). I will take the treatise written on palm leaves named ‘Sripada Srivallabha Charitamrutam’ present with you. It will give it to the Muslim Phakir, whom I rever as my elder brother. I will take his blessings. Are the things

narrated in this true or fictitious? How much true they are? How much false they are? I will decide  on that. After deciding about it, I will write a treatise analyzing them.’
Then the Veda pundit said, ‘Sir, you cannot reach the coconut I gave you to that Muslim Phakir. Your effort will definitely be a waste. Charithamrutam had already been written. It happened by the will of Srivallabha. This treatise named ‘Sripada Srivallabha Charitamrutham’ is held in high esteem as a sacred book by all Gods, Rishis and Great people. This treatise was written on the command of Sripada. NO ONE HAS THE FREEDOM TO CHANGE EVEN ONE LETTER IN THIS.

This is with us from many generations. Sripada’s command is that the ruined copy of this must be immersed in ‘Ganga’. We have been protecting it from many generations. Without Sripada’s command we do not reveal, even to a great person, the fact that one treatise like this is existing. You seem to have a wish to change certain parts in this. We belong to the family who feel the touch of Sripada’s feet when we put our hands on this treatise. If you are greater than Sripada, your order is binding on us. You are in the attire of a sanyasi. We are house holders. We cannot dare to oppose you. If you can reach this coconut to Dheesila Nagaram, I will give this ‘palmyra leaf copy’ to you, discard my ‘yajnopaveetam’ (the sacred thread worn by Brahmins) and declare myself as a ‘chandaala’ (an untouchable). You say that the Muslim phakir knew about the ‘Nanda deepams’. 

You also say that it is Dheesila Nagaram only and in due course, it acquires the name Seeladhi Nagaram. One ‘avadhoota’ in our family told me recently that he found one partial manifestation of Sri Dattatreya in Aurangabad and that he took him to Dheesilanagarm. Even if you go to Peethikapuram, you cannot install Sripada’s Padukas there. Peethikapuram is an anthill of  quarrelling poisonous snakes. They spend time in vain arguments and counter arguments and unnecessary disputes, but have no spiritual aspirations. If you install Sripada’s Padukas’ in the house of our ancestors, it is a happy thing for us. But you should have to get the grace of Sripada completely. Without the will of Sripada, not even one leaf on a tree will move. Our family does not need the name and fame, titles or honours given by ordinary people. We believe that Sripada will be moving as a small boy incognito in our house.’ Swami! This is what I saw in ‘dhyana’.

Palani Swami said, ‘My Dear Children! That Veda pundit belongs to the descendents of Sripada’s maternal uncle. In their families, they feel Sripada as a small boy. If any one belonging to any caste, any race, any religion, any country, in any ‘yuga’ feels Sripada as a divine child and have ‘vatsalya bhakti’ (devoted as their own child), Srivallabha will be living in their house as a boy incognito. This was revealed by Sripada Himself in Peethikapuram. Sricharana was born in His maternal grand father’s house in Peethikapuram. The people in that family migrated to other different villages some years after Srivallabha left Peethikapuram. His family members also similarly migrated to other places. Sripada transferred his power completely into the Muslim Phakir of Dheesila Nagaram in later years. In Bengal, a great person by name Gadadhar was born. He would worship ‘Kaalikaamba’. When he prayed for ‘liberation’, ‘Jagajjanani’ did not agree. She asked him to

take birth again for the sake of his followers and to grace them considering their merit and sins. He did not agree to take birth again. Then Kalikamba asked the Muslim phakir of Dheesila Nagaram to come to her with his subtle body. That Muslim phakir remained dead for three days. He told his devotees, ‘I will go to Allah and come back within three days’. Kalikamba is none other than Vasavee Kanyaka Parameswari present in Brihat Sila Nagaram. This Muslim phakir was given the task of looking into the sins and merits of the followers of Gadadhar. Jagajjanani (divine mother) deposited part of Herself in him. Srivallabha also deposited part of Himself in him. After three days when that Muslim phakir came back into his gross body, he became the most powerful. He served the Masjid, in which he lived, as mother. It was because of the ‘amsa’ of Divine mother entering into him. So he showed motherly affection towards his devotees.
My Dear! All these things I am narrating will be happening in the coming centuries.

The Veda pundit seen in dhyana (meditation) had a vysya as his dear friend. That vysya prayed to the Avadhuta who was wearing ‘koupeenam’, ‘Swami! Please accept our hospitality; we are ‘arya vysyas’. Jagajjanani (divine mother) Vasavi Kanyakambika was born in our caste. You please take the food materials and cook yourself.’ The Veda pandit also prayed that Yathi to accept the great vysya’s invitation. But that ‘yati’ who was a Brahmin formalist told him curtly that he  would not accept his ‘bhiksha’. This incident brought anger to Srivallabha and Sri Vasavee Matha as well. They wanted to punish him to remove his pride (ego) of Brahmin birth. The Avadhoota reached Peethikapuram. 

The Brahmin community of Peethikapuram, who gave importance to customs and practice of external worship, grandly welcomed that Avadoota. Sripada Srivallabha’s maternal grandfather’s house went into the hands of outsiders. After consulting the house owner, it was decided to install the Sripadukas in the place where Sripada was born in that house. Silver ‘Padukas’ were installed in accordance with the shastras. In the midnight one thief entered that house. The house owner was also awake. The thief entered the room where the ‘padukas’ were installed. The house owner told the thief, ‘I have no belief at all that Sripada Srivallabha was an ‘avathar purusha’. I do not have any belief in this Avadhoota Swami. You take away these silver padukas and give me half of the amount you get when you sell them.’ The thief said ‘Alright’.

‘On the next day, the Padukas were not seen. Avadhoota felt sorrow. Silver padukas were installed a second time. Worship was done grandly. In the mid night the Avadhoota stayed in the same room near Padukas. He was chanting sacred stotras on Datta. As he was looking, the  ‘padukas’ rised into the air, hit hard on the head of Avadhoota and disappeared. The voice of Sricharana was heard, ‘I can make my body disappear. 

Can I not make these padukas disappear? If the coconut had reached Dheesila Nagaram, my maternal uncle would have to fulfil his hard oath. That was not agreeable to me. The coconut you sent was eaten away on the way. So, there is no way you can be given the treatise ‘Sripada Srivallabha Charithamrutham’. Who do you think I am? I

don’t care whether you are a ‘yogi’ or ‘bhogi’. I am a Madiga. My profession is to remove the skin and make chappals out of it. There is no sin even if I remove your skin and make chappals?’ The voice roared. Avadhoota shivered. On the next day a great commotion occurred. Those who greatly honoured him blamed him as a cheating sanyasi who stole the silver padukas for want of money. 

They demanded to explain how the silver padukas disappeared when he himself was in the puja room. With the heaviness of insult, the ‘yathi’ left Peethikapuram.’ Palani Swami told us that this  was going to happen in future. He said, ‘My Dear! There may be unbelievable ‘leelas’ in the history of Sripada. If anybody doubts or criticizes his history, he will become a Brahma Rakshasa. 

Srivallabha made the people of Peethikapuram doubt the sincerity of Avadhoota because he doubted the authenticity of Charithamrutham. This was His leela.”

Madhava asked, ‘Swami! Shall I tell the event of my going to Peethikapuram with my subtle body and the incidents that happened there? Sri Palani Swami agreed. Madhav said, ‘I reached a house in Peethikapuram with my subtle body. At one place I noticed that all my powers were being attracted by two divine padukas staying incognito.’
The padukas at Sripada Srivallabha Birth place

The installation of the deities of Sripada Srivallabha, Sri Dattatreya and Sri Nrusimha Saraswathi

Sri Palani Swami said, ‘My Dear! Madhava! The place which attracted all your powers is the house of Sripada Srivallabha’s maternal grandfather i.e. the place where Sripada Srivallabha was born. In the ‘paataala’ (underground) under the padukas there are rishis who are doing penance for many hundreds of years. Sripada’s padukas will be installed only in the birth place of Sripada Srivallabha which you have seen. Some years after the ‘padukas’ are installed Sripada Srivallabha Charithamrutham will come into light. In the place where you did dhyana the deities of Sripada Srivallabha, his previous incarnation Sri Dattatreya and his next incarnation Sri Nrusimha Saraswathi will be installed.

 After that many ‘leelas’ will happen liberally in that kshetram’.
Sri Palani Swami kept silent for some time. He told us to dig out the dead body of the young man near our cave. After taking out the body, he started chanting ‘pranavam’ (Aum). Vyaghreswara Sharma came roaring ‘Sripada Rajam Sharanam Prapadye’. Sri Palani Swami entered the body of that young man. Then Vyaghreswar Sharma in the form of tiger took away Panani Swami’s old ruined body to throw into the nearby river.

Palani Swami who entered the new body ordered us. ‘You leave this place immediately. My Dear Madhava! You go to your Vichitrapuram. You had the darshan of meritorious people in Peethikapuram with your subtle body. This is enough for you in this birth. My Dear Shankar! You go to Tirupathi Maha kshetram. Madhava! May Sripada Srivallabha bless you.’

Then Madhav went towards Vichitrapuram and I travelled towards Tirupathi. Where is the end for Sricharana’s leelas?

*Digambara Digambara Sripada Srivallabha Digambara *

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